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By: Montridge Llc  09-12-2011
Keywords: Investor Relations

Investor relations is a process which in its most successful format should reward client companies with easy access to cash and shareholder bases suitable to their current and future plateaus of growth. The depth of such services is most efficiently orchestrated through an intensive one-on-one client and investor relation’s professional perspective on a consistent, ongoing basis. This is where MontRidge, LLC differentiates itself. MontRidge, LLC has endeavored to limit the account base to between 6 to 8 clients in order to provide the depth and breadth of commitment to the personalized, dedicated service a smaller firm can offer. The two executives working on all the accounts have decades of experience in industry, science and analytical work on the buy-side with well-known international funds. We are discrete and enjoy a prestigious reputation for integrity and professionalism (reference the testimonials). We have witnessed and managed the changes in investor relations within the life science industry over the last fifteen years.

Our capabilities apply globally to life science companies with diverse market capitalizations. In addition to launching investor relations programs on behalf of numerous companies, we have sought to transition private companies into the public domain; to reposition and successfully market fallen angels; to organize the investor relations departments of big biotech companies and to identify inherent communications issues in companies of all sizes.

Client companies enlist our services for a variety of reasons, but particularly for that one major quest of exposure to the right audience to bring a company the recognition it deserves and requires to flourish and prosper in the financial markets. We address that primary need for success as well as all the factors that contribute to the ultimate product which is what analysts and portfolio managers consider as an investment. We do this as an objective third party. We are there to help in all aspects of developing the image the client company strives for within the investment community and unveiling that company to the appropriate audience. That unveiling occurs in diverse markets, as each company we represent is developed as a unique, independent investment idea gaining strength and establishing a life apart from other stocks in the sector. Parlayed with accomplishments of the milestones by client company management, the execution of an aggressive investor relations program has won MontRidge, LLC a reputation for success.

Keywords: Investor Relations