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By: Monte Shelton  09-12-2011
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All cars will perform better when they run unblended fuel. But most folks think you can't get fuel that isn't blended with ethanol or, worse, that running unblended fuel in your car is illegal. In both cases, that couldn't be further from the truth.
The US government has "encouraged" major fuel providers to blend ethanol into their mixtures. With the ethanol subsidies provided by the feds, it's no wonder they oblige. But it is not illegal to make or sell unblended fuel to the general's just a little bit harder to find these days.
If you are interested in treating your Jaguar to the performance that an unblended fuel will bring, please click below for a list of the locations in Oregon where you can purchase it.

Why take a chance and risk the investment you’ve made by letting anybody but the team at Monte Shelton service your Jaguar? Simply put…that would be foolish.

Our Technician Team– (as pictured above)
These are the experts you trust with your Jaguar. Our guys are all Certified Gold Level Master Technicians and ASE Master Technicians. Some hang out with their family, some enjoy woodworking and others are at home in the outdoors. But one things for certain…they are all absolute Jaguar freaks! On average, this group has been at Monte Shelton for over 14 years. They are truly the best in the business and you simply can’t receive more competent and complete service for your Jaguar. Whether you have a new or vintage Jaguar, there isn’t a better group of individuals to take care of your Jaguar anywhere.

Customer Lounge – Our customer area is comfortable and has free Wi-Fi, coffee, tea and snacks for your enjoyment while you wait. And if you need to leave your Jaguar with us, we’ll hook you up with alternate transportation to get you around. 

Rick Lovett – Rick’s the Service Manager at Monte Shelton and has been with the dealership for over 35 years. He is a multiple Jaguar Service Manager Gold Level Master award-winner, a multiple Jaguar Service Manager Master’s Guild award-winner and the winner of the Lifetime Jaguar Marquee Of Distinction. Rick is also Neil’s crew chief when he goes racing. When Rick’s not running the award-winning service department, he spends time camping with his family and cruising around on his bike. We can’t imagine Rick not being a part of the family at Monte Shelton.
Tel: 800-803-7138

Bobby Fisher – Bobby is an 8-year member of the Monte Shelton service team.  He’s a Gold Level Master Jaguar Service Advisor and a member of the Jaguar Service Advisor Master’s Guild. His co-workers are what keep Bobby coming back every day and he calls his customers “the most gracious people I’ve ever dealt with.” Quite the sentiment! Bobby is into skiing, hiking and snorkeling and knows Jaguar motorcars inside and out.
Tel: 800-803-7138

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Keywords: Master Technicians