Modern Power-Vac Furnace Cleaning - Why Use Modern Power Vac

By: Modern Power Vac  09-12-2011

One of the most important advantages of our service is the reduction of contaminated air.  However, there are other reasons why so many other firms employ our services, to:

  1. Reduce operating maintenance costs
  2. Reduce general cleaning costs
  3. Reduce fire hazards
  4. Reduce redecorating costs
  5. Reduce dust on merchandise and display units
  6. Increase air flow
  7. Increase heating and motor life
  8. Increase pump and compressor life
  9. Increase heating and cooling efficiency
  10. Reduce operating costs
  11. Longer life and more efficient operation of the entire system
  12. Less employee illness

Other products and services from Modern Power Vac


Modern Power-Vac Furnace Cleaning - Our Services

Supply and Return Air Duct Systems. Air to Air Heat Exchanges.


Modern Power-Vac Furnace Cleaning - How We Clean

After completing the duct cleaning and inspection, the technician will seal the duct system with removable Cap-Plugs TM or removable metal access cover plates. The main lines of the system are then cleaned with a large rectangular rotary brush and the reverse skipper discharging high-pressure air in a 360º pattern. If the system has air conditioning, then our trained technicians carefully clean both sides of the coil with high-pressure air.


Modern Power-Vac Furnace Cleaning - Our Equipment

Specialized Equipment We use custom-built, high-powered vacuum trucks with powerful air compressors, rotary brush systems and power whips. Super Trac Robotics Cleaning with Video Inspection and Documentation in Full Colour. Portable Biltwel Vacuum Units with HEPA Filtration. Rotary Brush System 6” – 48” Brushes.