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By: Modern Power Vac  09-12-2011
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People often ask us what we do and how we do it. 

Our 2 step HI-TECH Duct Cleaning procedure

The main lines of the system are then cleaned with a large rectangular rotary brush and the reverse skipper discharging high-pressure air in a 360º pattern.  This will loosen the dirt and debris in the main lines, which will be removed by the vacuum. 

The furnace, chimney, and all combustion components are cleaned. 
The heat exchanger is visually inspected for stress cracks and carbon monoxide leaks. 

The fan and motor are cleaned and lubricated; the humidifier is inspected; and a multi-point system check is performed. 

If the system has air conditioning, then our trained technicians carefully clean both sides of the coil with high-pressure air.  If required, a hot water wash and chemical bath is also performed.  Some companies simply bypass the coil without cleaning it.  But did you know that a buildup of 1/16th of an inch of dirt on a coil can reduce efficiency by up to 21%?

Access Clean Out Points
Access into the duct system is required for:

  • Brushing and compressed air cleaning of the main lines
  • Zoning the duct system in separate cleaning zones
  • Isolation and protection of sensitive furnace components
  • Cleaning the top and bottom of the air conditioning coil

Our technician will expertly cut the access clean out openings into your duct system where they are required.  After completing the duct cleaning and inspection, the technician will seal the duct system with removable Cap-Plugs TM or removable metal access cover plates.

Why Brush Your Air Ducts?
Brushing improves cleaning quality by removing the dirt, debris, odours, and other contaminants that air washing alone can leave behind.

Quality Methods
Our HI-TECH method takes 2.5 to 3.5 hours to complete an average 1200 square foot home.  Our technicians send a mechanical cleaning device throughout your entire air duct system.

Keywords: Air Cleaning, Air Conditioning, Coil, Duct Cleaning, Duct System, Hot Water

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