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By: Moddocs  09-12-2011
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Communications Services

Why should you consider the use of professional marketing communications resources rather than leaving it to internal staff?

In a typical company, regardless of size, the following situations exist;

- new or inexperienced marketing staff

- downsizing or turnover has created an accountability 'vacuum' for maintaining web site content and marketing collaterals

- marketing collaterals are outdated because rapidly changing priorities leads to updates being ignored since the existing ones 'will do for now'

- numerous versions reside on a variety of local and network drives which makes updating materials time consuming

This contributes to lost sales opportunities and means that your marketing spend is not as effective as it should be.  Consider the following examples of ineffective marketing communications and see if they apply to your organization.

Web Site

You need look no further than your web site to see if you are able to keep up to date with the marketing communications needs of your organization.  A typical web site gets updated once every couple of months yet is the primary interface with existing and prospective clients.  Stale and incorrect information leads to lost confidence with prospects and clients - if you only update your web site every six months, how quickly are you going to deal with my needs?  Is so little happening at your company that you have nothing to add to your site?

You can also look to your web site to see if you have consistency in your messaging.  Is your value proposition consistent and at the forefront of each of the marketing materials on your web site and with the web site content itself?

Case Studies

Another example that hits home for most companies is that of customer testimonials and case studies.  Most companies do not have an ongoing program in place to source and validate testimonials from clients regarding recent product purchases or their service experience.  How often has a client offered to be the subject of a case study only to have the project get stale since no one has the time or expertise to get to it.  

Customer testimonials, references and case studies are some of the most compelling sales tools available!

Why wait any longer?

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Keywords: Marketing, web site