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By: Mobile Vet Toronto  09-12-2011
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1. Dog and Cat Vaccinations

2. Physical Examinations and Consultations for both Dogs and Cats

  • routine check-ups and vaccinations
  • congenital heart disease, liver or kidney problems
  • dental examination
  • heartworm testing and prevention
  • parasites and worm control
  • skin problems
  • proper nutrition and healthy weight
  • ear and eye problems (mites, infections, parasites)
3. Ear, eye, skin assessment and medication

When we visit your pet, we do a physical examination to determine if there are any problems which need to be addressed. We gather information that will help us determine if there are any issues. If need be, we can arrange for further diagnostics such as blood work, temperature and/or x-rays to help us accurately assess the situation. We can develop a treatment plan that is right for your pet.

4. Nail clipping and trimming

How often you need to clip your dog's nails really depends on their lifestyle. If your dog does a lot of walking on hard surfaces like gravel, they may need little to no trimming. However, if your dog mainly walks on soft surfaces like grass, sand etc. then regular trimming will be needed. If your dog's nails get to big, they can break and lead to serious pain and permanent damage in the paws. You can also cause some serious damage if you clip or trim the nails too short. If you need your pet's nails trimmed then call us and we can do it for you.

5. Microchipping

Microchips are the new ID tags! It's basically a small chip that gets inserted on the back area of your pet's the neck and are invisible. If you lose your dog or cat, they can be identified at almost all vet clinics and animal shelters. Once placed, they contain all your information and if you happen to lose your pet and they end up in a shelter, they will scan your pet and find all your information such as your name, address, phone number etc. You can even have them updated any time in case you change your number or move. We can discuss this option with you and have your pet microchipped in your home.

6. Travel documentation for your pet

If you are planning to travel with your pet (for a visit or permanently) you will probably need to have an International Health Certificate and various other documentation which can only be provided by an accredited veterinarian who will examine and certify your pet. We can arrange to have these documents so please call us if you are planning to travel.

7. In home euthanasia

We understand that this can be a very sensitive and difficult decision. When the time comes to let your pet go, we will provide you with all the necessary information you need and discuss the option of an in home euthanasia.8. Pet Hospital/Clinic Referral ServiceIf you are pet requires surgery or x-rays, we can come and pick up your pet and bring them to a hospital. Mobile Vets are required to have affiliation with a hospital in order to provide services which cannot be done at home.  Procedures such as Spaying or Naturing, x-rays, declawing and other surgeries will need to have your pet go to a vet clinic. We can help get your pet there in a safe and affordable manner.

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Keywords: Cat, dog, pet

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