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By: Misonix  09-12-2011
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The LySonix® 3000 Soft Tissue Aspirator is the established standard of care device used in Ultrasonic Assisted Lipoplasty (UAL) procedures. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) website for the topic of Liposuction, it states "UAL has been shown to improve the ease and effectiveness of liposuction in fibrous areas of the body, such as the upper back or the enlarged male breast. It is also commonly used in secondary procedures when enhanced precision is needed".

The LySonix® System ultrasonically fragments living and necrotic tissue by a process called cavitation. Cavitation is the formation and collapse of microscopic bubbles which are produced at the tip of the probe that is mounted on the handpiece. The generator unit or power supply feeds a 22.5 kHz (22,500 cycles per second) electrical signal to piezoelectric crystals mounted in the handpiece. The active elements of the handpiece then vibrate at that same 22.5 kHz frequency. The vibration is amplified by a titanium front driver integral to the handpiece and further amplified down the probe. The distal end of the probe vibrates at this high amplitude and at the same frequency. When placed in a liquid, the vibrating probe tip causes microscopic bubbles to grow and then collapse with great energy intensity, thus causing the tissue directly in front of the probe to be liquefied or fragment.

The PulseSelect™ feature delivers a programmable flow of energy to the handpiece, reducing average power while maintaining peak tip amplitude. Two different handpieces as well as a broad range of probe sizes and lengths are available for use with the system.

LySonix is a registered trademark of Mentor Corporation
PulseSelect is a trademark of Mentor Corporation

Keywords: tissue

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