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By: Miracles Of Mind  09-12-2011

“Only by learning what fear IS can you finally learn to distinguish the possible from the impossible and the false from the true. According to the ego’s teaching, ITS goal can be accomplished, and God’s purpose can NOT. According to the Holy Spirit’s teaching, ONLY God’s purpose is accomplished, and it is ALREADY accomplished.”
~ A Course in Miracles- “The dynamics of Ego” Ch 10

Learning to undo error of perception so we may see truly

Ego is an imposter, posing as the real you.  Ego is the identification with ANYTHING in form.  Things, clothes, houses, money, cars, social status, our body, other bodies; all of these are extensions of ego, and ways for ego to control us and keep us believing we are it.  We identify with these “things” as if they are of value, as if we really want them.however, we soon realize that this is another tactic of ego mind, keeping us separate from our true self, and separate or different from each other. We soon realize that there is nothing in this world that we want, as nothing in this world even exists.  Our ego mind has been away for us to experience this dream of separation and believe it to be our true reality.

Separation is the one “problem” this world has, its ONLY solution is Union. Yet ego has done a really good job at keeping us un-informed of our own unified mind. Union and Love mean the death of ego and that can be frightening to a fear based mind, so it does everything in its power to keep us believing we are this body capable of destruction and chaos, keeping us afraid of death and sin.

Ego is nothing to be feared, even though it prevents fear, because ego itself is an illusion and does not exist. It is the product of our split consciousness and our choice to experience what being separate from each other and God would be like.  This split consciousness allows for the experience of seeming separation. It makes way for the possibility of this dream to appear real.  The ego perceives through the physical senses of the body, as the body is the symbol of separation and the only way it can understand this world.

This split mind is reflected into our world making visible the dualistic society we live in.  On one side of the world we are starving in Africa, and on the other we are obese in America.  We have male female, right wrong, north south, light dark etc.  All opposites, forming one mass of separation and split identities and form. Everything is seeming outside the self, all goals are in the future, and all needs and wants are desired from a false little “i”. We all see the “effect” out there, and fail to realize its because of our split mind “in here”.  As we stop looking at ourselves as separate bodies living separate lives…. but instead remember that we are here for One purpose and share One mind…. is how we can switch to unified consciousness instead of split consciousness and change this world!

Ego keeps us trapped with its brilliant defense mechanisms however and its tough to recognize at times. Thus we must be aware that ego will do anything to keep us away from truth. Fear being its leading force in many different forms. It show cases itself as anger, hate, guilt, jealousy, feeling alone, sad, not good enough, unworthy, feeling a sense of lack,  frustration or judgment. Ego attacks, defends and projects.  It keeps us focused on what’s outside of us, reminding us of the past and keeping us afraid of our uncertain future. Ego jumps from past to future  never allowing us to have a stable fluid enjoyable experience in the now.  It will remind us of the last time we screwed up and keep us afraid of repeating the pattern again. Ego truly is insane.

This mind is not clear and open, it is cluttered and confused. It stores ‘information’ that we have accepted from those outside of us including our parents, friends, television, magazines, religions, billboards, news, movies, history and more, that keep us even more confused in their never ending confliction with one another.

Until we remember our unified consciousness and claim it as who we are, our focus must be on becoming aware of how insane the ego really is so we are no longer willing to accept it. Egos purpose is to separate and divide and keep us as far away from truth as possible. Ego does not exist however in reality, it is simply the means to experience separation through a faulty mis perception of mind. As we shift our perception however, we are shown for ourselves that ego and fear cant possibly exist! It only exists because we BELIEVE it does, but we are also taught that our beliefs mean nothing because all of our beliefs have been contrived through ego!  I dont know about you, but I am done with believing sin and chaos are real, I am ready to experience what the extension of our unified consciousness would look like instead! and I AM, thus WE can!

In order to heal this world of its sufferings, we must first heal our own minds.  In order to heal our minds we must take responsibility for our thoughts and undo everything that opposes love. Ego is the seeming opposite to love. We soon  learn from within us that love is all there is, as it is the extension of our unified consciousness and it is the product of who we are. Thus ego must be undo so we can let our true selves shine.

As we become aware of this ego mind and all its folly thoughts, the awareness gives us the perspective needed in order to let it go. In looking at the mistaken mind, it vanishes into the past where is came from, we rest in the moment now and the future is given to our Creator to take care of. All is healed when we bring our thoughts, beliefs, judgments and values to the light within us! From this space and openness, is when the truth can enter.  We are then reminded of our truth, why we are here and what our purpose is.  Until this point our God is ego, we must be unwilling to listen to this split mind any longer.  Its time that we unite and remember that we are One and follow the plans of God our creator, instead of the thoughts and laws of man.  Its time to awaken!

No matter how fearful our ego thought system can present itself to be, it is illusion and once light shines upon it, it is gone. Be willing to go within today, and banish all darkness once and for all.

Ways to Undo Ego:

1. Recognize it

2. Be willing to let it go.  Close your eyes, go within and give it to the light/truth

3.  Let yourself be healed by trusting the Holy Spirit  to shower you with truth. This is where you switch from wrong mind, to our Unified Right mind, where all your illusions are replaced with truth.

4. Receive the Love of truth.  You have healed the cause within your mind now, thank you for letting yourself be healed and thank you for accepting your divine thoughts instead.

“Every loving thought is true.  Everything else is an appeal for healing and help.”
~ A Course in Miracles: Ch 11 P1

“A man thinketh, so does he perceive. Therefore, seek not to change the world, but will to change your mind About the world. Perception is a RESULT, not a cause. And that is why order of difficulty in miracles in meaningless.”
~ A Course in Miracles: T21

“Give up all bad qualities in you, banish the ego and develop the spirit of surrender. You will then experience Bliss.
~ Sri Sathya Sai Baba

“If there were nothing but thought in you, you wouldn’t even know you are thinking. You would be like a dreamer who doesn’t know he is dreaming. When you know you are dreaming, you are awake within the dream.
~ Eckarte Tolle

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As we choose to accept our part in His plan, following His laws and not the worlds; we join with all our brothers and sisters & God to bring peace into our minds, Love into our hearts and Joy to this world. As we accept “At-One-ment” for our selves, we welcome our true job, as Teacher of God; and in bringing these gifts of God to earth, how can one possibly put a price on Gods gifts.


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