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By: Miracles Of Mind  09-12-2011

“One wholly egoless therapist could heal the world without a word, merely by being there. No-one need see him or talk to him or even know of his existence. His simple Presence is enough to heal”
~A Course in Miracles: Psychotherapy Pamphlet

I offer divine love


The subconscious mind rests in the stillness beyond all thought.  This mind may also be referred to as our collective unconscious mind, universal mind, unified consciousness or many others. We must tap into this mind if we are to dispels all darkness and folly beliefs about ourselves and this world. This mind simply “accepts” and it has been accepting information from our external world/others since the moment we were born into this world and is in dire need of a cleanse.

Hypnosis allows us to comfortably rest our body and conscious thinking mind, so that our powerful subconscious mind may come forward and present us with new ways of healing and letting go of thought.

This mind contains our beliefs, values, limits, judgements, fears, worries, memories from childhood and so much more. We are able to cleanse this mind with simple willingness to go within.  I act as your guide here through this process, so that you may become comfortable with your inner world and open to healing.

Hypnosis can help in all areas of life, some include: connecting with the universal power, healing childhood traumas & beliefs, body image issues (weight loss etc), inner child regression, relationship healing, smoking cessation, pain management, stress reduction, elimination of fears/worries/anxieties, confidence boosting, success with your business, increase of wealth & abundance, law of attraction, past life regression, remembering the God spark within and much more.

Our mind does NOT control us, we are in control of our mind and can use it as a tool to better our lives and those around us.

 Spiritual Teaching:

Many of us question Who am I? Why am I here? Where am I going? What is my life purpose? How do I no longer suffer? These questions all derive from a yearning to connect with our true selves.  We are spirit, a soul, that is incarnate here on earth for a parenthesis in eternity.

Our universal purpose for being in this world is to allow our souls to advance in whatever way our curriculum is lined up for us evolve.  There is a universal plan in which we are all apart, and with willingness to remember who we truly are, we will remember our part in this Universal Plan.  We are all here for a reason, and sometimes its helpful to work with others to help uncover what our part might be.

By being simply in the presence of one another, open to healing and learning we welcome the divinity into our relationship.  From here we are guided to the root of the problem (within the mind) that is preventing us from accepting who we are in truth. With continual willingness we rise to a level of understanding, fulfillment, joy and wholeness of our divine true selves.

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NLP (Neuro-Linguistics Programming):

N-L-P is a combination of visualization techniques and powerful questions that elicit many ‘AHA’ moments in those individuals willing to participate. It brings our darkened thoughts to the light so that we may rid ourselves of negative thinking, behaviors and habits while simultaneously learning techniques that help motivate us into achieving our ultimate goals.

Energetic Healing/Reiki:

The universe consists of Prana which is a sanskrit word meaning “energy” or “life force”.  This life force we carry into the body through our continual breath.  Through the use of Prana energy, intuition and intention we can transcend old thought patterns and blockages within the body that may be preventing us from living our healthiest and most peaceful lives.

This energetic healing can cleanse the physical and spiritual body’s chakra energy centers which can alleviate anything that may be slowing down or stopping the manifestation and healing process. This allows all energies to flow  effortlessly with a positive enhancement, which makes way for clarity of  mind to receive inspiration  from the universe/voice for God within us. Clients awaken feeling vibrant, cleansed and empowered to achieve their goals.

I use a combination of crystals that align with the bodies energy center’s as well as aromatherapy if guided.

 Belief Work:

All emotions, events, beliefs and thoughts are stored in your body (or subconscious mind). Every one of these beliefs creates a visual image, this image creates an emotion, this emotion causes a reaction in the body, this emotion is a vibration that will either draw to you positive or negative things depending on what your intent behind the thought is.

I will teach you to use very simple releasing technique, that allow us to let go of these negative thoughts from the body immediately. This creates space within the mind allowing one to fill it with powerful and positive thoughts of Truth. Once we learn how to control our mind, we can control our life.

We are not our thoughts, and these powerful exercises remind us of just that.

 Angel Communication:

The  angels, ascended masters, spiritual guides and most of all our soul, has no greater desire than to assist us in realizing who we truly are. They wish to show us our divine potential, our unique gifts and talents and the nature of who we truly are. When we discover who we truly are, all suffering can come to an end. When we honor who we truly are, bliss and joy will be predominant in our life

Angels assist us in opening our hearts and minds to this truth.  Even though we may not be able to see them with our physical eyes, we can feel their presence of love all around us.  Angels can be easier to contact and trust sometimes then our own souls within, thus through these sessions we become open to communicating with them so they may teach us how to listen, learn to our own soul.  Through these powerful guides, we are directed back inwards, this time with confidence and surety, to bring forward our true power and strength.

I also use Angel Card for readings when the opportunity arises to do so.  These assist in uncovering our life’s purpose, as well as providing us insight as to the next steps we must take in life in order to enhance ourselves and our over all experience here on earth.

 University Degree

I graduated from in 2009 and received my Honors in English.
I am perusing with writing a books as well as actively engaged in , presentations and .

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As we choose to accept our part in His plan, following His laws and not the worlds; we join with all our brothers and sisters & God to bring peace into our minds, Love into our hearts and Joy to this world. As we accept “At-One-ment” for our selves, we welcome our true job, as Teacher of God; and in bringing these gifts of God to earth, how can one possibly put a price on Gods gifts.


What is Ego

We identify with these “things” as if they are of value, as if we really want them.however, we soon realize that this is another tactic of ego mind, keeping us separate from our true self, and separate or different from each other.


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Tom & I share here on ACIM Gather "What Our One Purpose on this Earth is", as well as how and why miracles are so important in the discovery of our unified purpose. This world is awakening, and my part is to assist in the ascension to Love in every way possible. Learning to let go of our troubles, pains, wants and desires and give them to the One who Knows.