By: Miracles Of Mind  09-12-2011

Received in Gratitude!

My practice is a means to awaken the hearts and minds of all who are willing to see the Truth of us as Souls. We are all in need of unification from this separation, as we have forgotten Who We Really Are here on Earth. We are currently living separate lives, in separate bodies all consumed in fear witnessing lack, wars, death, evil and sin.

This is NOT true reality, this is insane.  The Truth of who we are is Children of God who create in the image and likeness of Him.  As we choose to accept our part in His plan, following His laws and not the worlds; we join with all our brothers and sisters & God to bring peace into our minds, Love into our hearts and Joy to this world.

As we accept “At-One-ment” for our selves, we welcome our true job, as Teacher of God; and in bringing these gifts of God to earth, how can one possibly put a price on Gods gifts?

I step back, and let God lead the way; I cannot put a price on the healings, miracles & truth that God shares through me.

I previously charged  for personal sessions any where between $60-$110.
The payment I now receive is through the Joy of sharing with others; and it is this payment that I treasure the most.

I am open to all donations of whatever amount is possible for you, as I do believe that as we share what we do have with others, it is returned infinitely greater!

I love you all!

” There is no price that can be put on healing and on truth. Who can put a monetary value on something that belongs to everyone? Who without insane arrogance can put a price on the gifts of God?

Whatever fees are charged to attend this workshop are simply part of using this temporary human system to enable the workshop to be held in public venues, and to pay for the practical costs associated with that.

The gathering of money is not a proper motivation for sharing this workshop. The proper motivation is a sincere answer to the call to unite humanity one by one, two by two. If it is given by another motivation, it is impossible to truly recognize its priceless value.

Therefore, the money paid to attend this workshop, is not and never will be for the content, but only for its form. Form is always motivated by purpose. This workshop, can and also must be given for free, whenever it is feasible to do so.”

The information in this article was current at 06 Dec 2011

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Tom & I share here on ACIM Gather "What Our One Purpose on this Earth is", as well as how and why miracles are so important in the discovery of our unified purpose. This world is awakening, and my part is to assist in the ascension to Love in every way possible. Learning to let go of our troubles, pains, wants and desires and give them to the One who Knows.