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By: Miracles Of Mind  09-12-2011

  • My former practice LEEP Life Coaching began the moment my personal life had hit rock bottom. Normally people would break down, I chose to help others.

  • Learning to let go of our troubles, pains, wants and desires and give them to the One who Knows! Freedom is found within.

  • Tom & I share here on ACIM Gather "What Our One Purpose on this Earth is", as well as how and why miracles are so important in the discovery of our unified purpose.

  • I share here on ACIM Gather my story of awakening, and the vigilance I have in training my mind. I also share my experiences of this world as a dream, and the miracles that come from this awareness.

  • This world is awakening, and my part is to assist in the ascension to Love in every way possible. This group is a means to bring people together, train our minds and share truth & love with each other while having a joyous time together!

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    As we choose to accept our part in His plan, following His laws and not the worlds; we join with all our brothers and sisters & God to bring peace into our minds, Love into our hearts and Joy to this world. As we accept “At-One-ment” for our selves, we welcome our true job, as Teacher of God; and in bringing these gifts of God to earth, how can one possibly put a price on Gods gifts.


    What is Ego

    We identify with these “things” as if they are of value, as if we really want them.however, we soon realize that this is another tactic of ego mind, keeping us separate from our true self, and separate or different from each other.


    Services Offered

    Every one of these beliefs creates a visual image, this image creates an emotion, this emotion causes a reaction in the body, this emotion is a vibration that will either draw to you positive or negative things depending on what your intent behind the thought is.