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Mind Mapping Computer Software Products

Mind mapping computer software products from MindMapper contain many new features and improvements that make mind mapping, project management, and creating presentations easier than ever. MindMapper mind mapping computer software allows everyone, to conduct true visual mind mapping techniques quickly and effortlessly. Make the best use of your brainpower by ordering one of our mind map software products today.

Mind Map Software from MindMapper

MindMapper 2008

MindMapper is a mind mapping software application developed by SimTech Systems. MindMapper can be used to create beyond the traditional mind map and concept map, similar to a semantic network or cognitive map but there are no formal restrictions on the kinds of links used. MindMapper 2008 encourages a brainstorming approach to any given organizational task, eliminating the hurdle of initially establishing an intrinsically appropriate or relevant conceptual framework to work within. Now visualize and organize your thoughts and ideas in a graphical manner instead of the traditional linear text manner used by a wide range of applications.

MindMapper 2008 was released in September 2007, a major upgrade to the previous version, MindMapper v5.0 Professional. MindMapper 2008 includes Personal Knowledge Management (PKM) features, such as Search (maps, desktop, and Internet), Extraction and Sorting. MindMapper 2008 can also create a graphical representation of your file folder structure. International users will enjoy Unicode support, which allow typing in multiple languages into a single map.

MindMapper 2008 integrates with the latest Microsoft Office 2007 suite and is compatible with Microsoft Vista.

MindMapper 2008 is offered in 3 versions: Professional, Standard, and Basic. These 3 editions will satisfy everyone’s Mind Mapping needs and budget. Professional version contains all advanced features and is geared toward corporate users and mind map professional-users that enjoy all the benefits of unlimited mind mapping capabilities.

Standard version is geared towards casual Mind Mapping users and contains the entire mind mapping features to get you started right away. Standard Edition does not contain some advanced corporate environment features, such as Project Scheduling, Presentation, and Personal Knowledge Management features.

Basic version is geared toward novice Mind Map user or the fist time user. The feature set is identical to the Standard version. However, Basic version is limited by the physical size of the mind map. This is the perfect option for creating quick and simple maps.

All NewSpanish only version
MindMapper Pro v5.0, mind map software, offers enhancements and improvements to scheduling, presentation options, and incorporates innovative ideas such as capturing scanned words and auto pasting them into MindMapper. This mind mapping computer software version is the most useful and most powerful tool yet. With this mind map software, you can create mind maps, manage, and present an entire collaboration project easily to and from Microsoft Office products. You’ll find all of these features and more within MindMapper Pro 5.0, mind mapping computer software.
MindMapper Jr is an effective and proven visual mind mapping computer software tool for kids. Use our mind map software to help your kids with organizing thoughts and ideas visually, decision-making, making presentations, planning, brainstorming, outlining ideas, note taking, and more. MindMapper Jr is one of the easiest mind map software creativity tools to learn and use. 

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MindMapper Visual Mind Mapping Software

MindMapper is an effective and proven visual mind mapping software tool, for organizing thoughts and ideas visually, decision making, making presentations, planning, brainstorming, outlining ideas, note taking, and more. Unlike outlining methods taught many in high schools, our visual mind map software creativity tool doesn't constrain your creative inclinations by requiring you to think sequentially.