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By: Mindful Movement  09-12-2011
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Mindful Movement Inc. offers groups for:

  • Printing
  • Handwriting
  • Keyboarding
  • Sensory Regulation (the use of sensory strategies to assist students with increasing their ability to attend and focus with academic materials)

WHEN are Occupational Therapy groups happening?

Groups are offered during the summer months.  Groups range from 4-6 weekly sessions (may be longer for keyboarding) lasting between 60-90 minutes.

WHO Benefits Most?

Often children that are experiencing difficulties with a targeted skill (e.g. printing) are appropriate for group sessions.  Some students who may have experienced challenges with other skills may be appropriate to attend a group that targets a skill that will be introduced later during the school year.  For example, students may find receiving assistance with handwriting activities in a small group setting beneficial to building a strong foundation with the skill and be more prepared and confident when that subject is introduced in their educational setting.

WHY is an Occupational Therapy Group effective?

Groups can offer students a setting in which they may receive more personalized instruction with a particular skill.  For some, meeting other individuals experiencing similar challenges may help them emotionally allowing them to be more expressive with their family about their concerns; they learn they are not alone. Groups involve families.  We encourage family member(s) to attend the sessions with their child and for some groups it is mandatory.  Often groups can be a great way for families to meet other families and ask and exchange questions and strategies.  It too, can be helpful for families to know that other children have similar strengths and challenges too their own child.  Groups offer a way for students and caregivers to learn the information together and practice together.

WHERE do groups meet?

Summer groups are held outside, typically in a park setting in the Greater Edmonton area.  This is often both beneficial for the students and adults.  It also helps reinforce our belief that learning to print or hand write (or anything else) can take place anywhere.

HOW can I register?

Keywords: handwriting, Occupational Therapy

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Handwriting Problems, Occupational Therapy Edmonton

Some handwriting programs initiate all of the lower case letters from the bottom line making it easier for students to remember where to start the handwritten letters. Some students may find handwriting easier to learn (i.e. compared to printing) and implement for written communication activities. Handwritten letters are generally more curved than printed letters and involve rotary movements of the fingers.


Fine Motor Skills - Printing Worksheets - Occupational Therapy Edmonton

For others, the task of teaming their hands with their eyes (visual-motor skills) to draw letters that touch the lines, slope in the correct direction and are properly connected together seems daunting. Along with consultation with families and educational staff Pediatric Occupational Therapists visit with students to observe their printing skills to determine what areamay be affecting performance.


Edmonton | K-5 Workshop | Teacher Workshop | Printing Workshop

Understand the developmental sequence involved in handwriting. Identify appropriate transition time from printing to cursive. Plan handwriting instruction using multisensory techniques. 1st & 2nd grade Printing Teacher’s Guides. At the end of the HWT K-5th workshop. Wood Pieces Set for Capital Letters.


PRE-K WORKSHOP | Mindful Movement Inc Edmonton AB

3:45 p.m. Tracing Strokes, Shapes, Letters, and Numbers: Developmental Teaching Method and Sequence, Using More Multisensory activities, Strategies for Language Development, Lowercase Letter Recognition Using a Unique Crayon Stroke, Numbers: Singing and Counting. Plan new activities to teach body awareness and other school readiness skills. Identify developmental stages in writing readiness. At the end of the HWT Pre-K Workshop.