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By: Minatek  09-12-2011
Keywords: Car , Sales Agents

Your sales people are on the line for you everyday. Give them the tool they need to make them more efficient and productive.

There are companies out there that think they can manage your customers better than you. They claim that your sales agents are either too busy, or too incompetent, to follow up with new prospects and sold customers. You know that no one in an office hundreds of miles away is going to sell a car. It takes your entire team of sales people and managers to close the sale and keep customers coming back to buy their next car and the next.

While sales people are strong in product knowledge and the road to the sale, they often lack the organizational skills to continue working a customer that doesn’t buy right away. Your managers are managers because they demonstrated great closing ability when they were selling, not necessarily because they are exceptional in customer development.

Minatek CRM Auto Edition was developed in such an environment over a period of three years with sales agents ranging from novices to Gold level winners, and with managers having grown up in the car business set in their ways to those freshly promoted from the sales ranks. It has been designed, tested, and re-worked over and over again to make sure it enhances what you people do every day.

Minatek CRM Auto Edition is not full of bells and whistles, or features that you neither need nor want. Most of the competition tries to impress you with their fancy tools and multitude of reports that require daily attention just to keep it running. If you’re not lucky enough to have a computer guru just to keep it going, much less publishing and interpreting reports, you end up paying the monthly costs until the contract runs out while it gathers dust.

Keywords: Car , Sales Agents