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By: Mimousa  09-12-2011
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Scissor-Slide Vertical Lambo Door kit is designed for a universal fit and easy installation. The kit works by opening the door a little to the side and swing it up. It swings up 90 degrees so you don't have to crawl into the car, you simply open it, get in, and close it. When are you are ready to come out then open it again and get out without breaking your back. The vertical door system has four adjustable points on the hinge allows the doors to have a unique look. The kit is 100% CNC machined using 4130 chromyl steel construction. The kits have electrolyses nickel plated for corrosion protection and show quality. It includes four 150lbs struts, door hinges, adjustable brackets, instructions and all hardware required to install the kit.

Why is the Scissor-Slide door kit it so cheap? Well if you figure all the Lambo door kit is a piece of metal. Do you really thing a piece of metal is worth $1000 or more. In reality you only need about $50 of metal and screws to build this hinge. The rest of the money is labor that's involved in building it. When these kits were in high demand and only one or two companies were offering them. Those companies will make money on you as fast as possible before the demand evaporates. As soon as a competition starts the prices start to lower down and the original companies try to keep themselves on top by claiming there kits are better. Well here is a reality check, after the installation you are still getting a piece of metal with screws assembled. So it does not matter if it's worth $1000 or $549 it's still the same product. Scissor-Slide door kit has a CAD/CAM design, anti-wobble design, and anti corrosive design, which makes this kit one of the most reliable on the market. The only difference is you save hundreds of dollars by purchasing this kit instead of the competition.

Will the Scissor-Slide door kit fit my car? Yes the kit is universal. It can either be welded or bolted on (drilling required) to your car. If you are saying, "I want a bolt-on only." Think again for a second. A bolt-on kit may cost hundreds of dollars more or maybe it costs the same. You are NOT saving on the Installation cost if you get a bolt-on. The labor involved in installing one of these is the same. You still need to take the fenders and doors off, the install the kit. What do you care how the body shop is going to install it like, welding or bolting it on? You are still paying them the same amount of money. If you are worrying about reversing the doors later, not to worry! The holes from your old doors are still there, all you do is take the vertical door hinge off and install your doors back on. In conclusion is it really worth paying hundreds of dollars more to have a bolt on kit and having the holes pre-drilled? Also bear in mind, almost all bolt-on kits only go up to 65 degrees vertical. This means you are not saving on the installation but you are creating yourself a problem. You will have to climb in and out of the car every time you drive it. If you are already doing a modification, do the real deal. Don''t go for the 65 degrees go for the 90 degrees vertical.

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Keywords: Car

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