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By: Millside Ceramics  09-12-2011
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Hello and welcome to the Products Page! I have been making my art work for the past twelve years. I own my own molds for each piece I do. My art work is made from earthenware clay and when cleaned and fired it's called Ceramic. Each piece gets poured into the mold for set up which can take up to a half hour, once it gets poured out of the mold it needs to stay there anywhere from forty-five minutes to eight hours. Once set up we take the green ware from the molds and put them on the shelf to dry for up to two days. Then the green ware is cleaned from all rough edges and placed in the kiln to bake for a twelve hours. After the cool down it is taken out of the kiln and is now called Bisque Ceramic. I finish with many different paints or glazes, some very basic and quick to some very time consuming, for certain paints or glazes the ceramic may need two to three more fires depending on the look. It is then ready for me to take to the aboriginal Pow Wow trails and festivals throughout the summer months across Ontario or to craft sales and conferences across Ontario during the winter months. I also sell my art work to different businesses for wholesale. For more information or to check out my art work take a look at the product gallery below or browse the site.

Yontatewenniyo "She is Free"

Mohawk Spirt Angel

"She is free" was inspired by my mother, who survied breast cancer with her strong will and determination.

Most of us have someone in our lives that have had or has cancer, we sometimes struggle through it and have a tough time. This is why "she is free" has a dreamcatcher. to help us dream positive; wheather is be to find a cure or to conquer anything.

Let Yonttewenniyo spirt angel help and guide all cancer sufferes.

Every Angel sold a portion will go to the breast cancer socity to help find a cure. So if you like Yontatewenniyo for yourself or a gift for someone else. Lets work together to find that cure.

$25.00 Each


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Keywords: Art Work, breast cancer, Ceramics, Molds