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By: Mike Gouchie  09-12-2011

One of the things that is necessary for your success in life in general and in your profession is your leadership skills. You need to be a good leader in order to succeed in whatever you are doing in life. Leadership qualities are highly needed by everybody. If you are not a good leader you will hardly succeed in your career. Therefore, it is necessary for you to acquire the necessary skills that will help you to be a good leader.

I know some people may be thinking that it is not necessary for them to learn about leadership since they are not in any of the prominent positions in their working place. This is a misconception. Everybody is a leader in one way or the other. You are a leader in your little office. Do not limit leadership to a managerial office. You are a leader in so far as you have an office or a responsibility to carry out in your office. The way you carry out the little task you are given will determine how you will perform when you will become a leader. Moreover, everybody is a potential leader. If you are not a leader today, you may be a leader tomorrow. This is why it is very important that you acquire the necessary leadership skills that will help you to achieve success in your career. Below are some of the tips that you can apply in order to be successful as a leader in your office.

Acquire Experience and Knowledge

Experience they say is the best teacher. This saying is simply the fact when it comes to being a good leader. A good leader is supposed to be well experienced in the area he or she is leading. In your career, you need to have experience before you can think of becoming a good leader. This is because all the employees will normally bring their problems to you. If they encounter any difficulties in the course of their job, they will definitely come to you for solution. It will be scandalous for you to have no idea on how to solve the problems they bring to you especially the problem concerning their work. You can increase your experience by learning from the experience of the others. The only way to do that is to have a mentor who will be guiding and advising you through his or her own experience. You should attend seminars on regular basis. Seminars can be a good means through which you can increase your experience and knowledge. During seminars, the facilitators sometimes share their experience with the participants.

As it is said knowledge is power. A good leader should be knowledgeable in order to guide others. As a leader you should make sure that you have a good knowledge of your profession and what is done in it. It will not be good for your employees to be teaching you what to do in your own firm.

The only way to get the required knowledge that will help you to be a good leader in your career is constant reading. Yes, you might have obtained your degree, but that is not enough to be a good leader. Make out time to attend some professional courses. This will help you to increase your knowledge.  Always make sure that you update your knowledge by reading always. Reading will help you to get new knowledge and also to remember what you have learned before.

There are some benefits that follows being knowledgeable as a leader. Knowledge brings respect. When you are knowledgeable, your employees will have a high respect and esteem for you. This is because they already know that you are capable of providing solution to their problems. They will see you as the brain behind the success of your firm. But when you do not know anything, they reverse will be the case. There is the tendency for your employee to think that they are the brain behind the success of your firm. It may lead to lack of respect.

Being Informed

This is related to what has been said above but it has to do with knowing fully what is happening around you or in the world. A good manager should be ‘au courant’ with what is happening in the society. He or she should always listen to the news. You may think that this is not important but it is highly important. Sometimes, the government may declare public holidays or work free day for all the workers in the states. It will be bizarre for your workers to inform you of that. Or how will you feel when you go to your office and you do not see any of your employees because there is public work free day and you do not know? It is simply an indication of bad leadership qualities.   

Division of Labor

Before you can think of progressing in your career as a leader, there is need for division of labor. Your work as a leader is to supervise or manage your employees. Allow them to take initiatives in their own field and then let you know about their plans. You can discuss it with them and approve it if it is reasonable. Do not see your employees as having nothing to contribute. They can contribute a lot for the success of your firm.

Acknowledge your Limitedness

Though you are expected to have knowledge as a leader but that does not mean that you are not limited as a person. You should always acknowledge your limitedness. The more you know that you are limited the better for.

Your success as a leader depends to a certain extent on the people that work with you. Always make sure that you employ talented people in your firm. They will always come up with nice ideas. Take the best among them and give them key positions in your firms.

Encourage Workers

Always encourage your workers by rewarding good efforts, promotion and salary increment. This will allow them to give their best always.  When employees are heard, they perform better. The best way to get your staff to give it 100% everyday is to let them know they are a person with ideas and input that is heard and respected.  People want to work for someone who treats them like a person with ideas rather than someone who comes in and is just “another employee.”

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