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By: Mike Gouchie  09-12-2011

Internship has many benefits.  It can help you understand your job better, improve your skills and give you respect among your colleagues.  Other advantages of an internship are:

A Means of Knowing More People

It is said that man is a happy being with others. This means that man is a social animal. People who know many people easily survive in life and have their problems solved easily. Internship gives students an opportunity to meet more people. Even if you are not retained where you do your internship, you are still at an advantage. The junior staff and other people you meet while on internship are potential employers and MD. So, you are increasing your connection by doing internship. You can never tell where you will meet them again and how they will be of help to you.

Increases your Confidence

If you have done internship before, you have gained some practical experience and you have known how the labor market looks. This will give you a high level of confidence. You will have the confidence that you will be able to meet with the demands of any job after your studies since you have done creditably well even when you have no experience. You will be able to deal with the normal job ineptitude that is associated with newly employed.   

Means of Income

Besides gaining some practical experience you will also gain some money to continue your education. In fact some students embark on internship program in order to make little money. Though the interns are not paid as fully employed staffs, some firms do give them some stipends for the work they do.  The stipend may be small or big depending on how wealthy the company where you are doing the internship is.  You can still create some savings from it. This will help you when you go back to school. Some companies do give their interns some benefits that that they give to their own employees, such as a Christmas gift.

Boosting your Resume

Doing an internship program is a way of increasing the weight of your resume. If you have done many internship programs while you were still a student, you will definitely include them in your work history and this will make your resume appealing and attractive to employers.

The Benefits of Internship to Employers

It is not only students that benefit from internship program. The employers also gain from it otherwise they will not be using the interns. Internship program is a very good means of cutting cost on labor. Most of the time the interns do the same work that other employees are meant to do. Experience shows that sometimes most of them work even better than some staff. But they are not paid as real staff. They are just given allowances because it is believed that they are also learning from the company.

Means of Employing People

Some employers use internship program as a means of employing people. They will not like to conduct interviews again for new timers having established a working relationship with their interns or having trained them well. They will save money for training staff.

Internship is a system that allows university students or new graduates to gain work or practical experience in their field of studies or interest. Embarking on internship program can be of great benefits to students. Below are some of the benefits of doing internship.

Opening Career Opportunities

It is not always easy for people who have no real practical experience to get employed. This is because employers always want well trained personnel that will help them to achieve success in their business. Besides, no employer will want to employ somebody with little practical experience in order to train the person and still be paying the person a full salary. But students who have done internship program before are believed to have the relevant practical experience. Consequently, they are easily employed due to their prior experience. Secondly, doing internship has helped some students to get immediate employment after their studies. Many firms sometimes retain their interns because they have already trained them and they believe that they already know the principles of their organisation.

Relevant Practical Work Experience

In the classrooms, the students spend time learning the theoretical aspect of their area of concentration. Though sometimes they may have to do some practical work in the school as part of their curriculum, but this is quite difference from experience gained in the real working environment or in the labor market. Sometimes students may be surprised to observe that what obtains in the real labor market is quite difference from the theoretical projections of many academicians which they have studied in the classroom. Internship program therefore helps studies to reconcile the theories they have learned in the schools with what is actually obtainable in the real labor market.

Internalizing Classroom Work

Most of the times, students find it difficult to understand certain theories they were taught in the classrooms. Sometimes theories may be abstract but with practice it becomes easy to comprehend. Internship program for students helps them to understand the theories they have learned in the classrooms. They will be able to see how those things are applied. Practical application of theories is the best ways to internalize abstract theories. In other words internship program will make academic work easier for students in a sense. Once they can practice what they are taught in the classrooms it will be easier for them to remember the theories.

Assisting in Choosing the Right Career

Many people sometimes end up choosing the wrong career because they do not have the opportunity to have a real feel of the profession they have undertaken. They just discovered after some years that what they are doing is not what they want. One thing is getting a job another thing is having fulfilled career experience. You can get a job without being fulfilled. Internship helps students to decide on the right career. If you do an internship program, you will be in a better position to decide whether the job will give you fulfilment in the future.

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