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By: Mike Gouchie  09-12-2011

Men and women, it has been said, think and act differently. In fact, men’s and women’s brains are chemically made up differently. This means that men and women “have different values, priorities and habits. They play by different rules.” That is to say that men and women use their brains in different ways. Some of these differences give men and women different strengths when it comes to owning and running a business. For women, these skills include the ability to form solid friendships, creating large social networks, more ease in communication and expressing one’s emotions, and excellent peripheral vision.

A woman’s ability to form solid friendships is beneficial in the business world. It allows companies to maintain long-lasting relationships with clients; however, the way in which men and women do this differs. For men, clients represent the hunt – the end goal. The relationship a man forms with his client is based on how they can be mutually beneficial to each other. Women on the other hand, strive to be friends with their clients above and beyond the benefits the relationship could bring. Though both outlooks are successful, forming a friendship beyond a business connection creates an opportunity to expand the company’s social network, thus increasing the company’s opportunities to be successful.

Because women are such good relationship builders, creating a large social network is also often one of their strengths. A social network is an important asset to any company. A social network is important because it aids a company in “obtain[ing] and retain[ing] clients.” Networking helps a business owner meet new people. These new acquaintances could either know a potential client or be one themselves. As mentioned before, a business must always have a long-term vision, which usually includes a plan for growth. Thus, networking is an inevitable part of owning and running a successful business. Not only is networking important for building a client base but it is also imperative for building a base of contacts – people in the company’s field who are reliable.

Maintaining solid relationships and social networks requires a clear head and concise communication as well as the ability to see and manage the environment around you. On average, women “speak three times more than men.” Of course, more words does not always mean better communication, however, because women see the situation as a whole instead of simply being purpose driven, they are better able to express themselves clearly and concisely. Because of all these things, women have specific advantages in the world of business.

Types of Businesses Where Women Excel

Women who recognize their strengths and harness their potential have the possibility making their company highly successful. Yet, it is clear that women in the business world are faced with a unique set of challenges and are also equipped with particular advantages. Women face pre-established, negative perceptions and stereotypes. As business owners, they often neglect to have a long-term business plan and do not account for growth. They are also usually hesitant to incur debt, even if it might potentially further their success. Women are excellent relationship and social network constructors, are clear and concise when communicating and are formidable when it comes to managing their environment.

The business world is a large place and each area comes with its own challenges. It might be worthwhile to take a look at three such areas and a specific part of each one. For example, women understand the importance of interpersonal skills to effectively managing a company. Interpersonal skills such as communication, verbal and non-verbal, ease in forming friendships, delegation and leadership are paramount to expertly managing a business.

When it comes to women-owned businesses, most women often choose to start a production retail business. Many women often choose to become an entrepreneur in a production as opposed to distribution or other types of businesses. These companies provide benefits for owners who wish to maintain a balance between home and work.

Also, women make exceptional lawyers in negotiation situations. Lawyers in any type of situation must have the ability to maintain a cool head regardless of how heated an environment may get. They must be able to keep their eyes and ears open not just to reach the end goal but also to maintain all other details as well. When one pictures a lawyer the image that comes to mind is someone who is good at verbal communication – someone who can express the details of a case in a way that persuades a judge and jury, however, a lawyer must also be an excellent listener. A lawyer must be able to listen actively to their colleagues and their clients.

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