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By: Mike Campbell  09-12-2011

No is a powerful word. It’s arresting. It takes away options. It’s easy. It hurts us in creative, business and personal life.

As creatives, I’m sure we all come up with dozens of project ideas a week, from simple to complex. Why do many of these projects never come to fruition? [..]

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Recently MetroLinx, the transportation advisory comity for the Toronto to Hamilton area, completed a study that suggests that if all of the GO transit rail lines into Toronto were switched to electric we would see a time saving of approximately 2.5 min. What is the cost of time.


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The new nikon commercials are advertising “amazing low light shooting” and saying you won’t need to use a flash anymore!. I prefer to get my flash off the camera, but even a well used on camera flash has more purpose than. Flash is not a four letter word.