Midwifery Today: Resolving Shoulder Dystocia

By: Midwifery Today  09-12-2011
Keywords: Midwives

Gail Tully

Learn what’s going on inside during a shoulder dystocia. This DVD will show you five types of shoulder dystocia and the techniques that solve them. Thorough and calm, the one-hour studio class includes slideshows, birth clips and demos. You’ll learn FlipFLOP, Gail’s memory tool, as well as flipping the mom with the Gaskin’s; lifting a leg with Running Start; rotation to the oblique and removal of the posterior arm.

The second hour shows systematic and clear demonstrations of all these techniques using a doll and pelvis. There is also role playing with midwife, and actual drills with manikin and midwives. Three midwives share their stories of how they used FlipFLOP to save babies’ lives.

2 hours, NTSC

Keywords: Midwives