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When you buy a rebozo from Midwifery Supplies Canada, you are helping women in Laos to support themselves and their families. You are also supporting the maternity waiting home in their community.

A Rebozo is traditionally a Mexican shawl, used for many purposes, including carrying babies, as well as being used to help support women during the birthing process.

Traditionally Midwives, Mothers and Doulas around the world use the Rebozo to wrap around the pregnant mother in a way that serves as a support to her during labour.

Please note that because these are all handmade, there are often slight variations from the picture.

Keywords: Midwifery Supplies

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Mayo Hegar needle holdersTissue forcepsAdson dressing forcepsRochester Pean forceps 6.25" straightMosquito forceps 4" curvedKelly forceps 5" curvedSharp/blunt operating scissorsBlunt/blunt operating scissors. All of the instruments in this set are of MAGNA® quality, with the exception of the Adson dressing forceps (I have received very positive feedback about the tips of the utility grade ones).


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I have since then also received my Water Birth Credentialing certificate from Water Birth International, and training to assist moms that are choosing hypnosis for labour. When I support families through childbirth, I strive to create a birthing environment where the mother feels safe, and in control of her surroundings and experience.


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The recommends the use of The Practical Skills Guide for Midwifery as a study guide for the Skills Assessment portion of the NARM Portfolio Evaluation Process. It is recommended that the candidate refer to the Candidate Information Bulletin for both the Written Exam and Skills Assessment specifications.


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