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By: Midwest International  09-12-2011
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Midwest-International serves as a Moving truck rental Companies in the Chicago area to offer International Moving services to its residents. During the local or long distance move, you will always need rental trucks for a smooth move of the household chores and your belongings. Moving truck rental service also become important when you move to a new destination say to a new country, to take the belongings from Door to Port and Warehouse to Port safely. In case of Regional or local move you would need a door to door services for the same activities.

Most of the regional moving companies in Chicago have their own trucks and they do lend the truck rental service to the local residents for their hassle-free move. Your Pocket may not always permit to opt for the option to hire . In that you can ask Midwest-International to have their moving truck rental services at an affordable price quote.

Door to Port service may be a more economical option for you. It includes all the services above until the shipment reaches your destination port. There you or your designated broker will take charge of your goods and arrange customs clearances and delivery.

For small shipments, MIS offers even more savings with our warehouse to port delivery service. You can bring the packages to our warehouse, along with the necessary US Export and Customs documentation. We will arrange transportation of shipment and delivery to the destination port where your local broker can take charge of the goods.

Not sure which is best for you? Need special services? We'll be glad to answer any questions you have and to give you even more tips on how to save money during the planning and implementation of your move.

Keywords: Door, International Moving, Moving Services, Moving Truck Rental, Warehouse

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