10'x10' Displays

By: Midland Display  09-12-2011

Probably the most utilitarian display hardware now sold. Easy truss has eliminated the need for tools in set up of a high tech exhibit type. Loadbearing, reconfigureability, portability and simple graphics attachments now make truss a much better choice that was several years ago. The kits found here are all UPS shippable, in high impact cases with wheels.

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Truss Displays

We believe this system's appearance, strength in creating long spans and excellent price-point will create a new opportunity for all of us. It has a rectangular profile and 2 different style chisel point ends caps giving it an unusual architectural feel. It takes advantage of the EZ6 platform with all the accessories we've developed for it. It is slightly more than EZ6 but we need less of it to create a great display.