MicroNeil Research Corporation - Remote Support

By: Microneil  09-12-2011

It is amazing how quickly we've become so very dependent on something that is so prone to not working the way we want it to! Sounds like frustration on steroids, right?

We understand your life's ambition isn't to diagnose and repair computers. (Or printers, phones, fax machines, iPods or any of the technological detritus that threatens to take over our world!)

We specialize in that. We love tech. It's our recreation. Yup. You heard us. We do it for FUN! So let us help you get rid of some stress from your life or even be the Office Hero!

Some of the services we can provide (but not limited to) are:

  • General Support (i.e. "Why does it do that when I want to do THIS? Is there a work-around?")
  • Operating System Installation/Troubleshooting/Migration Windows (All flavors), Macintosh (All flavors), and Linux (Ubuntu, Red Hat, Suse)
  • Application Support
    • Office Suites (i.e. Word, Excel), Presentation Software (i.e. Powerpoint, Keynote),
    • Web Site Editors, Databases, and much more.

Start by downloading TeamViewer () on the right. Then call us! We'll talk it through with you!

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