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By: Micron Transformers  09-12-2011

  • Single or Three Phase Low Voltage General Purpose Transformers
  • Resin encapsulated or ventilated casings provide flexibility in use-optional weather shields allow use of ventilated casing outdoors
  • Encapsulated totally-enclosed, non-ventilated enclosure ideally suited for use in indoor/outdoor areas that contain dust, moisture, corrosive fumes
  • Can be mounted in any position for indoor installations and in upright position for outdoor installations

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GlobalTRAN control transformers feature touch-proof terminals, utilizing either Micron's SafeTouch terminal covers or a touch-proof terminal block, and meet true IP-20 or IP-00 terminal protection ratings as defined by IEC-529. In response to the change in compliance standards for CE marking of industrial control transformers as required by IEC/EN guidelines, Micron has introduced new GlobalTRAN models in compliance with EN61558-2.


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Manufacturers of industrial and commercial equipment, control panels and centers have made ImperviTRAN the most accepted transformer in the industry. ImperviTRAN® is the ultra-reliable industrial control circuit transformer.