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By: Microinput  09-12-2011

Microinput in the GovernmentMicroinput Government solutions are used by more than six million employees, contractors, and constituents involved in the work of government agencies in multiple European and North American countries. Challenges Facing Government AgenciesTwo fundamental realities of government operations create multiple opportunities for process improvement. First, the majority of constituent communications remain paper-based with attendant processes for production, distribution, collection, analysis, and storage of those documents. Second, the decision-making process in all governments is notoriously dense because taxpayer protection requires detailed tracking of all transactions. Current processes for both applications are traditionally paper-based and executed manually.Microinput Solutions

Our government solutions include the automation of manual processes to reduce paperwork and manage documents effectively. The use of web-enabled self-service applications eliminates redundant data entry, simplifies data collection, and improves service to constituents, other agencies, and government contractors and suppliers.

Our workflow solutions streamline decisions and shorten approval cycles, while ensuring data accuracy, fiduciary integrity, and compliance with all applicable government regulations and reporting requirements. The combination of process automation and workflow optimization produces guaranteed results.

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