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By: Microinput  09-12-2011

Adobe Solution Accelerators
Accelerating deployment of common enterprise solutionsUse Adobe® Solution Accelerators to reduce development time and increase the quality of your enterprise applications. Developed by Adobe based on our long history of deploying successful implementations with our customers, Solution Accelerators are designed to be extended and customized by customers, or my Microinput Consulting.
Adobe currently offers Solution Accelerators for:
  • Enterprise:
    • EnrollmentImprove data integrity, speed up processing time, and minimize manual and repetitive enrollment processes. With Adobe LiveCycle® ES and the Enrollment Solution Accelerator, your organization can more effectively capture data, support dynamic routing and approval processes, and enable integration of self-service applications with your existing IT infrastructure.Correspondence ManagementMake personal connections with people while building trust with easily customized communications and documents. With Adobe LiveCycle ES and the Correspondence Management Solution Accelerator for the enterprise, you can build solutions to automate the generation of various types of communication — from customer letters to more complex communications such as contracts or regulatory documents — while helping to ensure compliance, integrity, authenticity, and confidentiality of personal information.
  • Financial Services:
    • Account EnrollmentImprove account enrollment while driving consistency and efficiency across channels and products. With Adobe LiveCycle ES and the Account Enrollment Solution Accelerator, you can minimize repeated data entry, streamline account processing and setup, and deliver tailored information to customers with ease. Correspondence ManagementEnsure customer communications are consistent, tailored, and cost efficient by managing all of your correspondence on a single platform. With Adobe LiveCycle ES and the Correspondence Management Solution Accelerator for financial services, you can automate all kinds of correspondence — from welcome packages and confirmations to proposals and claim letters — while ensuring communications are accurate, compliant, and secure.
  • Government:
    • Benefits and Services DeliveryRapidly transform program initiatives and policies into deployed solutions. With Adobe LiveCycle ES and the Adobe Benefits and Services Delivery Solution Accelerators, you can simplify citizen and business services enrollment, increase productivity by streamlining data collection and sharing across agencies and service providers, and ensure compliant correspondence on services eligibility and determination.

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Transfer knowledge, share ideas, and work together for the greater goodAdobe solutions for training and collaboration provide a virtual environment where participants in dispersed locations can team up in real time to share information, brainstorm ideas, develop strategies, and solve problems.


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Microinput in the Financial Services IndustryTo an industry facing historic turmoil, Microinput responds with services and technology solutions that increase our clients’ market share and optimizes their business processes to execute more efficiently.


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Microinput in the GovernmentMicroinput Government solutions are used by more than six million employees, contractors, and constituents involved in the work of government agencies in multiple European and North American countries. Our workflow solutions streamline decisions and shorten approval cycles, while ensuring data accuracy, fiduciary integrity, and compliance with all applicable government regulations and reporting requirements.