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By: Michael Harper  09-12-2011

Commercial: $40/hour
Residential: $30/hour
Instruction: $20/hour
Data Entry: $20/hour

I perform a wide range of IT, web, personal computer, instruction and photography services. Any job requiring on-site assistance that is in Savannah, GA does not require a travel fee. Travel fees will be included and will be determined for any job outside of Savannah. I do however offer a complete remote access solutions that keep travel fees at bay and allow for faster response times. Listed below are package deals I have put together along with hourly rates for non-descript jobs. If you have any further questions, contact me for a free quote. My services can be purchased in “blocks” (e.g. 5 hours, 10 hours) for a discounted rate with payment made up front.

Prices are subject to change without notice.

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  • System Flush: Is your comptuer running slow or do you have strange messages poping up? Unable to identify or fix a certain problem? This problem can be fixed with a complete reformat and reinstallation of operating system software, hardware drivers, anti-virus and internet components. Many people choose this option to get a fresh start.
  • Hardware Installation: Need to go wireless with that new WiFi card? Trying to burn a few movies with your latest BluRay disc burner? I install hardware and the included software for a low cost.
  • Data Recovery: Have you deleted a file unintentionally that you desperately need? Were you working on a Word or Excel file and then lost the file after a power outage? Then STOP what you’re doing and call. There is a good chance that file can be recovered as long as you haven’t saved anything in its place. I can run this service on a flash drive or other storage media as well. NOTE: This service is not guaranteed.
  • Domain Registration (1-year contract only): Reserve your domain name today. Whether it’s a .com, .net, .org or any other domain type you desire, you can register here.
  • Updates and Maintenance: Do you already have a site and need a web master to perform monthly, weekly or daily updates? This is general service fee for doing just that. All jobs would be itemized and broken down over an invoice.
  • Web Hosting: Contracts available for monthly and yearly services.
  • Individual Page: $75 – For those wanting single page sites.
  • Brochure/Corporate Site: This is the first step for most companies when they decide to build their home on the internet. They provide information to users about the company, products and services they offer, staff and also provide contact information. The corporate web site is useful for companies who are planning to use the web site as a marketing tool. Ideal for advertising. Addtional pages can be purchased for $25 each.
  • Inventory Site: This is ideal for people wanting to advertise individual products online. It gives an extension to the Brochure Site by giving a showroom to the products or items you are planning to sell. Each item would be given its own page. Addtional pages and items can be added for $25 each.
  • eCommerce Site: This package provides an extension to the inventory site by allowing you sell your items online. I assist in setting up credit card processing, shipping/freight and entering inventory items into your eShop.
The information in this article was current at 06 Dec 2011