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Ali Babba Photo Studios

Could someone tell me – what exactly is the point of taking this picture? I got this e mail today and was curious. Is this a Halloween pic, or is someone gonna explain to their grankids who the heck is in these photos?

Family Pictures

Ali Baba must have charged good money for these pics.

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Hey there. Isn’t it great that elected officials just spent over a trillion dollars of your children’s money to insure thirty million people? Let’s do the math. yep a trillion dollars to insure thirty million. Sounds like someone went to a public school to learn math?

Thanks for excluding your self from this great coverage you just forced upon me.

Then again, they DID create 17,000 more jobs for the IRS. You know, the tax collection agency with nothing to collect, because all the small businesses are going under due to out of control taxes and regulations. Great job. Nothing better than the most hated organization in America getting more POWER. Wait, don’t government employees vote democrat in overwhelming numbers? Nah! Why would people who make more than average private sector employees feel beholden to their masters? But what I really wanna know is the answer to this one asked by a guy who has a pretty cool van!

Looks like we will have to wait till November 2010 mid term elections to get the answer?

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March 12, 2010-According to reports most Swiss animals are now without free legal representation after a recent vote.

Swiss Goat With No Lawyer

Antoine Goetschel the Zurich attorney stated on Swiss television the publicity immediate prior to the ballot initiative could have led to the 70.5 percent of the electorate votes against employing 25 more attorneys to represent abused animals in the prosecution of humans. Goetschel, whose clients are mostly dogs, believes that many of the voters could have been tired of the topic by the time of the vote.

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No class….?

Obama Puts Feet on People's Desk

Does this photo of President Obama in the Oval Office convey anything to you about his attitude?

What are your thought?

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Watermelon Boy

I shore does love me

. A goo!

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Gunnarr Gets a Rolex

My son Gunnarr decided he couldn’t wait! Watch out ladies. Gunnarr got a


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Hughan said the first reports of dead fish were mostly sardines that were reported Monday night and boaters Tuesday night got the full view of the amounts of fish that were dead. March 8, 2011 – So I was watching the news this morning, and I see that King Harbor, Redondo Beach, is where there were approximately one million dead fish Tuesday.


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Back living with mom, my mom enrolled me at the YMCA for this new martial art in the states that supposedly billed itself as having the most powerful kick in the world. There was an interval of several years where I no longer trained at a do jo, but instead would work the heavy bags, stretch, and lift weights. You see, I had begged my mom, who was estranged from my father at the time, to let me take “Karate..