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By: Mhc  09-12-2011
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MHC offers one-on-one holistic confidential counselling services to individuals. Using a holistic approach takes the whole person into consideration, otherwise known as a Mind-Body-Spirit approach. Holistic philosophies and methodologies are incorporated, based on the individual needs and preferences.

Clients who use MHC's counselling services face a diverse range of issues, ranging from changing careers to the death of a loved one. If you are experiencing life transitions that you need help to deal with, you will find that Lesley's empathic, non-judgemental approach will help you deal with the challenges, discover your inner strength, and help you make decisions. Our services are available in our office on the West Island, and on-location for individuals who are unable to travel due to age or illness. Appointments are necessary, as is a 24 hour cancellation notice.
Assessment Session
Your first appointment is considered an assessment session. An assessment allows me to learn in full detail what concerns you, and how this affects your daily life. Once I have all the information, I can determine the best course of treatment. We decide on a plan and schedule together. An assessment session generally lasts about one-and-a-half hours. Subsequent counselling sessions are one-hour in duration.
One-Hour Counselling Session
A counselling session consists of one-on-one holistic counselling, for a period of one hour. During this time, we discuss the issues that are concerning you, how you are progressing and any new issues that arise between sessions. We discuss various methods you can employ to improve your situation. I provide you with modalities to assist you, such as Mindful Meditation, and Guided Imagery, depending on your needs. You may receive an assignment to do before our next session.One-Hour On Location Counselling
I offer clients who are unable to travel, due to age or illness related issues, the opportunity to have counselling sessions at their location. Clients who take advantage of this service get all of the benefits of holistic counselling, without worrying about leaving their home, when it is not possible. I bring everything with me so that you can begin to heal your life. An on-location session is one-hour in duration, excluding travel time. If you are located outside of the Montreal region, please contact me first, as I may charge a surplus travel fee depending on the distance.Long Distance Counselling
When appropriate we offer counselling via email or skype for clients who are outside of the Montreal region. Personalized Meditation Programs
MHC offers a range of Personalized Meditation Programs. We are pleased to be the first holistic center in Montreal to offer these personalized meditation programs for individuals and corporations and schools. MHC offers various tools and techniques to use in our office on the West Island, or on location for individuals, corporations and schools.One-On-One Personalized Meditation Program
Our Personalized Meditation Session is perfect for the novice or experienced meditator alike. Do you lack the place, tranquility, or tools to successfully incorporate a meditation practice into your daily life? Then you've come to the right place.MHC has created a comfortable and soothing space, where you can come to meditate without all the distractions of your daily life. Just imagine no phones ringing, no kids disrupting you, no chores, taking up your peace and time. We also provide various tools for you to use, so that you don't have to own everything too. Our Personalized Meditation Session is quick, and easy to use. On the way to work, or on the way home. Even during the day. Take this short time to give yourself the gift of Meditation.Before beginning your Personalized Meditation Program, MHC consults with you to determine your goals for meditation. You indicate your preferences of the tools we provide. Those who are new to meditation are instructed on the various methods, and provided with ideas on how the tools provided can be used, and given examples of how this can be modified to suit your daily life in between your Personalized Meditation Program appointments. You are guided through the meditation process to ensure that you are achieving the results you want. We create a completely unique experience.What are you waiting for? Book today, and start reaping the benefits of a meditation practice.Corporate and School Meditation Program
MHC offers Meditation Programs to Corporations and Schools that are tailored to your needs and unique setting. Our program accommodates groups of all sizes. The size of the group is determined by your space limitations, as our program is provided on location at your facilities. Companies are incorporating meditation into their employee benefits programs on an ever increasing scale due to the enormous benefits they and their employees gain. Companies such as Google offer this service to their staff. By incorporating a meditation program into your company, you Reduce Absentee-ism, Improve Customer Service, Improve Productivity, Enhance Teamwork, Improve Employer/Employee Relations, to name a few.Schools are incorporating meditation to help teachers by creating peaceful and calming settings for students. Students and teachers benefit from increased concentration, reduction of bullying, greater cooperation, and higher academic achievement.Affiliate Services
Inquire about our affiliate services to learn more.MHC makes these services convenient for you, as all the arrangements are handled by MHC, including payments. You simply indicate your service preference, reserve your time for each service, and make your payment with MHC. MHC takes care of the details and payments with the affiliates for you. Everything is either ready for you or brought to you, in order for you or your team to be pampered.Workshops and Support Groups
MHC offers a variety of workshops and support groups for small groups at our offices or on location. Sign up for our free newsletter for schedules and updates as they become available.Lectures
MHC offers a variety of lectures in the community. Contact us today for more information about hosting a lecture
Contact us today for more information or to schedule an appointment for any of our servicesAppointments are necessary, as is a 24 hour cancellation notice.

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