MINA : Compact Line Array Loudspeaker

By: Meyer Sound  09-12-2011
Keywords: Loudspeakers, Line Array, Self-powered Loudspeakers,

MILO Family

MINA comes from a heritage worth boasting about. Since the 2003 introduction of the MILO high-power curvilinear array loudspeaker, products from this family of self-powered loudspeakers have become the "gold standard" for touring and installed line array systems. Now the newest member, MINA, fills a niche by providing a very compact yet powerful package capable of integrating easily with its sibling M'elodie, yet strong enough to stand alone in smaller theatres, houses of worship, ballrooms and corporate AV situations by effortlessly producing up to 128 dB SPL over its wide 100-degree horizontal coverage area.

Featuring drivers and acoustical combining manifolds designed and built by Meyer Sound, all MILO family loudspeakers seamlessly integrate in virtually any combination, representing a complete solution for fixed installations of any size, and total flexibility for touring or rental applications, where every show may demand a different system configuration that, nonetheless, must provide the same sound quality as the show before.

With six distinct variations on a successful theme, the MILO family offers a comprehensive solution that allows every audience member to enjoy the power and transparency of MILO in venues of any size.

Keywords: Line Array, Loudspeakers, Self-powered Loudspeakers,

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