Constellation : Acoustic System

By: Meyer Sound  09-12-2011

Constellation is, to my ears, living proof that skilled engineering and technology can indeed improve the physical spaces where we listen to music."

John Adams
Pulitzer Prize-winning composer

Constellation is an extraordinary breakthrough in acoustical science providing an effective solution to the complex challenge of attaining optimal, yet flexible acoustics in building design. With Constellation, you have the ability to design state-of-the-art multi-purpose venues without the constraints or expense of traditional materials and room shape. The acoustical effectiveness, ease of control, and invisibility of Constellation will enhance the success of your venue.

Constellation is a complete solution of equipment and services provided exclusively by Meyer Sound. This groundbreaking technology enables the acoustical properties of a room to be altered to suit the nature of the event taking place. Combining our patented algorithm, advanced digital processing, and miniature transducer technology with decades of research into the acoustical attributes of exceptional listening spaces, Constellation provides flexibility unattainable with traditional mechanical methods of variable acoustics, such as movable walls, drapes, orchestra shells, or secondary chambers.

Constellation is provided as an integrated, turnkey solution, meaning that Meyer Sound's Constellation team will work with the entire design team to guarantee that the results meet all of the agreed project goals. Once Constellation is installed in the venue and tuned, a simple press of a button will instantly change the room's acoustical properties.

Advantages of Constellation

  • Allows venues to be truly multi-purpose, providing naturalsounding acoustics appropriate to a wide variety of performances
  • A complete system that integrates rigorous design, calibration, and certification methodologies with a flexible hardware and software package
  • Each system custom-created by qualified experts
  • Far less expensive and more flexible than architectural solutions
  • Aesthetically appealing and virtually invisible
  • Eliminates extra labor and maintenance associated with orchestral shells and moveable panels
  • Easy-to-use interface: one button press changes room acoustics
  • A sustainable technology that achieves long reverberation times with less volume and fewer building materials
  • System implementation can be part of a retrofit or new construction

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