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By: Metrostar Systems  09-12-2011

Humanity has been lowering the barriers to communication since the beginning

But something that hasn’t changed is the power of simple, human contact. Gutenberg brought us the printing press, enabling one-to-many communication. Morse and Bell brought us the ability to communicate in real-time. Friedheim Hellebrand lowered the communication barriers even further, by giving us the power to do real-time, one-to-many messaging in nifty 160 character increments. The result of all this innovation has been an exponential increase in the breadth, speed, and complexity of communicating across cultural, geographic, and organizational lines. But there’s a paradox: With all these innovations, effective communication has gotten cumbersome—especially at the organizational level where multiple devices, platforms, and interfaces enter the picture.

MetroStar Systems believes it honors the legacies of the great innovators, Gutenberg, Morse, Bell, and Hellebrand, by lowering the barrier to effective organizational communication through emerging technologies.

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