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By: Metrostar Systems  09-12-2011

Work and communicate with the best interest of the group

We generally don't stop to consider a column of ants, except when they invade our proverbial picnic. But one should note that ants have survived for more than 100 million years based on one, predominant characteristic: communication. Ant colonies use pheromones to simply and naturally convey complex messages about resources, opportunities, and dangers. What results is a dynamic and complex organization that leverages the contributions of individuals into collective productivity.

The insights from the ant are instructive. MetroStar Systems believes that if today's organizations were so naturally governed and operated, they too would execute with deliberate precision-- getting a great deal more accomplished. Looking at MetroStar Systems' Enterprise Collaboration practice, we see opportunities to build productive ecosystems with heightened collaboration. MetroStar Systems bases its approach on agile workflows that are complemented by bringing together disparate enterprise practice areas that can deliver adaptive client solutions, quickly. We understand that fast turnarounds are meaningless unless they also deliver the right solution. By actively collaborating with clients and partners throughout the lifecycle of the project, MetroStar Systems ensures that The Results is delivered in the most optimal, collegial and expeditious means possible.

Next time the ants come marching one-by-one, remember MetroStar Systems and our approach to Enterprise Collaboration. It's efficient. It's honest. It's transparent. It's the only way we do business.

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