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By: Metavante Image  09-12-2011
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Payment and deposit capture at the point of presentment

Industry observers believe that the future of electronic payment processing includes a growing trend toward including accounts receivable, check, and deposit capture at the point of presentment. Metavante Image Solutions Direct provides everything required so that your institution can become a leader in providing image-based distributed capture applications of items and deposits at their source — ATMs, lockboxes, branches, and merchant sites — removing paper from the process, lowering the cost of payment processing, accelerating check clearing, and maximizing cash flow.

Attract new customers and strengthen existing relationships
Check 21 has leveled the playing field. Your institution needs a payments strategy designed to attract new corporate accounts and strengthen existing relationships. A strategy that provides for the simplification of banking relationships, allowing businesses to break geographic dependencies and consolidate payments with a single preferred bank.

The Metavante Image Solutions Direct distributed capture applications allow you to move image capture out to the transaction source - allowing your institution to receive payments from anywhere capture occurs. Metavante Image Solutions Direct applications provide distributed image capture and a payment processing infrastructure that accommodates remote capture at every point of presentment - at the branch and off-premises - including commercial and merchant locations.

Direct Aggregator:

What if one platform could mange all of your distributed capture needs? Metavante Image Solutions Direct Aggregator (DDA) provides all the services required, including an API (Application Program Interface) to support non-Metavante Image Solutions distributed payment applications. The solution supports automated client software updates, WEB services for capture and transmission, Image Quality Assurance, Courtesy and Legal Amount Recognition, duplicate testing, ACH conversion, item corrections, deposit balancing, customer security, WEB based research and reporting, and several other features.

Direct Merchant:

Can you imagine deposit capture at the earliest point of presentment with no negative impact on the consumer? DirectMerchant is collection of distributed capture applications designed to allow the merchant to select one or more consumer interfaces so that the merchant has the correct solution for the merchant and the consumer.

Direct Teller:

Direct Teller integrates with the banks existing teller application, allowing complete transactions to be captured as the customer makes their deposit.

Direct Branch:

Direct Branch allows a financial institution to capture the complete transaction or just the checks at the branch. DirectBranch includes two products that can work together or independently, allowing a great amount of flexibility to the financial institution.

Direct ATM:

Direct ATM provides the financial institution with the ability to automatically receive, consolidate, and process deposits from multiple image enabled ATMs.


A line of distributed capture services from all points-of-presentment through Deposit AggregationTM. Deposit Aggregation is the ability to collect, monitor, process, report, and direct deposits from multiple points-of-presentment (POPs) for multiple financial institutions. Multi- POP, Multi- Institution- a unique capability offering you maximum flexibility.

Keywords: Distributed Image Capture, Payment Processing,

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