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By: Metalogic Software  09-12-2011

Training is available for all Metalogic products either on-site or remotely over the Web.

We teach from experience, not scripts; we understand that skills development is dynamic. Our broad base of experience and education allows us to update and adapt course delivery to meet each client's particular needs. Adaptive training combined with real life case studies allows for business and technical knowledge transfer to your team going far beyond canned training programs.

Other products and services from Metalogic Software


Swift Auth - Metalogic Software Corporation

Swift Auth is our flagship product for authentication and authorization, providing enterprises with a robust, yet light-weight solution to better control and monitor user access to corporate data and services. Swift Auth combines single sign-on, role-based access control with flexible modular authentication methods and powerful rule-based authorization checking for virtually any Web resource.


Professional Services - Metalogic Software Corporation

Metalogic's expert developers have extensive experience in providing innovative solutions tailored to client needs today and in the future. Metalogic uses agile development methodologies to deliver early value to the customer and react quickly to changing customer requirements. Software is designed to reflect business priorities, future development and efficiency for system administrators and end-users.


Raven Auth - Metalogic Software Corporation

Raven Auth's plug-and-play installation and included step-by-step instruction video makes this the solution of choice for small and medium environments. Raven Auth combines the power and robustness of Swift Auth with the ease of installation and management of a network appliance. Raven Auth is a universal network appliance for authentication and authorization currently under development.