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By: Metal Pass  09-12-2011

If you have an online article, you may submit your URL of your article to the, to increase your exposure. You may also suggest some online resources to us using this tool.

Note: Any business showcase other than tech/biz articles submitted to this section will be deleted because the designated visitors cannot find it. Besides online articles, we also see some business showcases submitted in this area. Please re-submit your business showcases in the applications below.

It allows you to submit to the  application, which displays detailed information for each brand name or product category. You may spend only 1 minute to type in a short description of your product. If you provide detailed information by uploading a file, the system will create a web page for you. It allows you to submit to the application , which allows you to showcase your R&D, product/process development, and technical/equipment upgrade, etc.

Please select R&D/Tech Profile in the general submission form for Showcase series. If you provide detailed information by uploading a file, the system will create a web page for you. You may also go to the Metal Directory or any SHowcase applications to submit from any page (without file uploading).

displays general profile of a company or business unit, with different focuses in different categories.

You can submit your entry here. However, if you are not familiar with the categories (1680 products/services), it is preferred to go to the Metal Directory and submit from the corresponding page, so your entry will be added to that same page.

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You have good knowledge and links in the industries and have excellent experience in the E-business, marketing or business development in engineering technology, etc. Interfacing with the investors, marketing partners, existing or potential customers/clients, etc. Attracting new investors and new partners. Metal Pass LLC would invite you as one of the following partners with your excellent experience and qualification.


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