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By: Metal Pass  09-12-2011
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For your convenience, we have prepared a list of short domain names to link to sub-sections of this site. Since the range of content of this site is broad, you may simply access the section you want using the following shortcut domain names:
Satellite Sites

This website ( will soon be surrounded by about 200 satellite websites to greatly increase its rank and popularity. Nearly 100 satellite websites have been finished, while the remaining are on their way. The satellite sites are based on about 200 domain names Metal Pass LLC owns. Some examples are listed below:

Keywords: Domain Names

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However, if you are not familiar with the categories, it is preferred to go to the Metal Directory and submit from the corresponding page, so your entry will be added to that same page. It allows you to submit to the application, which displays detailed information for each brand name or product category. If you have an online article, you may submit your URL of your article to the, to increase your exposure.


Metal Pass Partners

You have good knowledge and links in the industries and have excellent experience in the E-business, marketing or business development in engineering technology, etc. Interfacing with the investors, marketing partners, existing or potential customers/clients, etc. Attracting new investors and new partners. Metal Pass LLC would invite you as one of the following partners with your excellent experience and qualification.


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Metal Pass is the only one that actually provides metal resources among those in the first page.