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By: Metal Art Plaques  09-12-2011
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Let your imagination decide for a moment..

You have an idea and wonder if we can make it?

Metal art plaque fabrication: laser cutting machine ability

We tried several designs and metal art creations on our laser cutting machine to explore new ways. The video below shows a picture of Marylin Monroe that has been worked with a free software found on the Internet. It consists of converting a picture into a serie of holes - with different sizes- that all together recreate the general picture. Holes like that are usually performed by a punch press, but we thought we'd give our laser a try to see how long it'd take and how would the final product look like. Here's the video:

How is fabricated a metal art plaque, step by step.

Second, using different softwares (depending on the file type that you submit), we work on the design and to get a metal art plaque that looks exactly like the file that was submitted. The degree of details that can be achieved will depend on two factors: the definition of the file that was sent and the final size of the metal art plaque. The bigger the metal art plaque, the more details can be cut in the sheet. Here's an example of how the file would look like once it's been processed:

Another Example of a custom metal art plaque

A customer asked us if we could make a metal art plaque based on a sticker that he had. So he gave us the sticker and we scanned it and reworked it with our software. As you can see below, there are few smaller details on the sticker that we had to work with.

After setting up our laser, we cut the piece on a ~13" diameter 0.035" thick Stainless Steel metal plaque. It took exactly 1 minute 20 seconds to cut. The result is pretty good, as you can see right below:

Details of a metal art plaque

As you can see on the picture below of the same metal art plaque, the laser cutting machine allow us to cut lots of small details. The only thing that we have to keep in mind is that the details inside a closed area will be lost with the trim pieces. For this particular example, you'll notice that the details in the hair that were on the sticker don't appear on the metal art plaque. Sometimes, we have to take more time in the picture design to ensure that crictical details will still be kept on the final metal art plaque.

Original picture vs final metal art product

Here's a final comparison of the original sticker with its final metal art plaque, side by side.

Keywords: Custom Metal Art, laser cutting machine, Metal Art, Stainless Steel