By: Mesopetemia  09-12-2011
Keywords: system design, wireless network

Mesopetemia Consultants Inc. (MCI) is a System Design and Integration company, providing sales and support to help you achieve and maintain efficient use of your Local Wireless network.

 1-     System Design

The design and requirements of a wireless network is different then that of a wired network, that is a fact. To have a successful wireless network, you need experienced RF and System engineers in addition to network qualified experts to understand the subsequent effects in your project propagation space and to assist with the analysis of current and future requirements in your project area. The ultimate goal will eventually be to design the proper wireless network in order to meet both your business and budgetary requirements.

At Mesopetemia Consultants Inc (MCI) we have plans for both existing communities and those under construction. For existing communities we can select the best points of wireless coverage with the help of our highly qualified and experienced engineers in order to reduce budget and eliminate damage to existing development. Only necessary points will be installed and the coverage will be guaranteed.

 For projects still under development, MCI can be the design partner of the master planer and the contractor during all construction stages. During the design stage, we will confirm that all WiFi units are properly located to achieve the best service coverage in every point of the coverage area. While in the installation stage, we will be working with the contractors to assure the best implementation of the devices and the proper installation.       

2-      System Integration

The perfect network does not only consist of equipments and devices, but also the proper operation of all divisions and efficiency of services and performance as specified.

To achieve this goal knowledge, experience and resources are the main chapters of this accomplishment.

With our experienced experts, we can assure that the networks will be installed properly and with great care all while fitting within your budget

3-      Network Installation

  The proper installation of networks is our main priority. At MCI we consider the proper installation as part of the infrastructure of a successful network. It reduces future failures in the network, saves you time and money, and reduces the need for constant support.

Your staff will be informed of all installation details and will be equipped with the necessary training to run the network in a proper manner.

Keywords: system design, wireless network