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Our TITLE RUNDOWN report consists of a complete search from the date of purchase, to date, indicating all mortgages, liens, and other encumbrances found to be on record at the Registry of Deeds.  The results of the examiners search are compiled into a professionally prepared, typed report that not only lists the encumbrances and liens found to be on record but will include specific directions as to what is required to correct any liens or rectify any title imperfections.  We have an attorney on staff who is available to answer any title questions that arise.  We also have our attorney review any Declarations of Trust holding title to property for the specific authority of Trustee to mortgage subject property. 

A DEED SEARCH report provides the client with a search of the Registry of Deeds to locate a deed of purchase.  The search continues to the current date to determine if the property has been conveyed.  This search does not list any encumbrances or liens of record. DOCUMENTCOPY:
The request of a DOCUMENT COPY is appropriate when only a copy of a specific document is required.  We are happy to provide copies of deeds, mortgages, declarations of trust or any other document found to be on record at the Registry of Deeds.MORTGAGEVERIFICATION:
A MORTGAGE VERIFICATION search will provide the recording information of a specific mortgage found on record at the Registry of Deeds.  This is helpful to Collateral Perfection and Paid Loan departments that need recording information to complete a mortgage file or to prepare a discharge of mortgage for recording.DOCUMENTRECORDING:
The DOCUMENT RECORDING service is available either as a follow up service to a Title Rundown or as an independent request.  This service includes an update from the original search to present; the actual recording; and notification of recording information to our client.  This service is tailored to the clients specific recording needs. SPECIALINSTRUCTIONS:
Please tell us in the SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS section of the order form how we can best serve your needs.  If you require a specific service that is not listed here, please call our office at 978-777-1886 so that we can accommodate your needs.

Keywords: Declarations Of Trust, Deeds, document recording, Encumbrances, Mortgage,

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