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By: Merchant Revolution  09-12-2011
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  E-Commerce     Retail           Restaurant     
 Phone              Mobile           Mail OrderWith our decade plus of assisting merchants providing a solid foundation, we continue to find new ways 
to both help merchants process payments and to build sales. We know the individual needs of our merchants,
whether it be a hotel application, a wireless terminal coverage question, or a simple restaurant tip adjustment.

Our application process is simple. We can take your information over the phone or by fax, and we simply send you
the document for your review and signature. We usually get approvals with 24 hours, even for higher volume accounts.Rates:
Unlike our competitors, we don't usually publish our rates and fees. This is because our rates and fees are individually
customized to each merchant customer, based on their unique business and industry needs.
Experienced, successful merchants know that this is the only way to truly get the lowest rates.
We don't telemarket or harass our merchants - we don't have to.
To view actual Interchange Cost rate tables, please visit and .

We will always provide the lowest rates possible. If you currently accept credit cards, please contact us today.
We will beat your current credit card processing rates, as well as show you how much income you will save monthly
and annually by switching to Merchant Revolution and RBS/Lynk.

In General,
there are many different methods that will enable a business to process credit cards. Depending on the business type, merchants can use a computer, the internet, a credit card machine, or a cellular / regular phone to process

Processing with a Credit Card Machine:
Credit card machines are ready made solutions for processing credit cards, and are the most trouble free way to
process. Most terminals are all-in-one solutions that include a card reader, and printer and are designed only for the purpose of processing. Retail countertop terminals can connect over modem/phone line or IP (DSL/High Speed Internet).
Wireless terminals are also available that operate on cellular networks similar to cellular telephones. Processing with a computer:
Processing credit cards on a computer is an efficient and very versatile method of processing transactions. There are several processing programs that can be installed on most computer that will allow a business to swipe or key in transactions on their computer. To swipe transactions on a computer, an attached card reader is also required, but these are readily available and manufactured by several companies. Processing on a computer should be performed by persons who are technically sufficient on a computer.
We recommend PCCharge Pro ($275) for businesses looking to process on their computer.

Processing on the internet:
The internet is the future of credit card processing, and there are a variety of companies that offer the ability to
process transactions over the internet. Processing on the internet can be done manually through a system called a
virtual terminal, or can be done automatically through a website, integrated with a payment gateway.Need a full POS Terminal set up? Call us for a consultation

        an authorized agent for Merchant Gateway, a registered ISO/MSP of RBS/Lynk.
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Keywords: credit card, Credit Card Machine, Credit Card Processing, Terminals, Wireless Terminals

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