Mercer Media Relations

By: Mercer Media Relations  09-12-2011

CAMPAIGN PREPARATION Client and Campaign Assessment Meeting:
Assess and discuss media targets, black-out dates, client expectations, tracking reports, and media training needs.Client Contact Information:
Record principal contact numbers, emails, web site addresses and client's collateral materials including photographs, resumes, product or service descriptions and company brochures.Media Contact List Research and Compilation:
Create a customized, targeted media list for distribution of press release materials. Research articles and reporters' previous coverage for placement opportunities.Media Relations Implementation:
Contact all media; provide reporter briefings; coordinate interview schedules and media training when necessary; secure confirmation of interview or article placement commitment.
CAMPAIGN OPTIONS Mercer Media Relations provides a range of media placement options for clients, which means media services can be customized to meet a clientÂ’s specific media placement needs.Media Placement Options Include:Editorial Board Meetings
Opinion and Editorial Placements
On-line News Placement
Press Conference
Zoo or Talk Radio
Television Satellite Tour
Radio Phone Tour
Niche - Trade or Feature Publications
Local and National City Tours