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By: Men & Mice  09-12-2011
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The IMF is responsible for promoting the stability of the international monetary and financial system.

With the Men & Mice Suite, the International Monetary Fund can be confident in the stability and security of their DNS, DHCP and IP address management.

"- Men & Mice closed the gap and enabled us to pursue our strategies."

-Tom Ferris / Senior IT Officer at the IMF

The Laboratory of Neuro Imaging (LONI) strives to improve the understanding of the brain in health and disease.

LONI is a leading edge neurological research center, yet its IP management was causing big headaches. After reviewing several solutions they discovered that Men & Mice was what they needed.

"- Men & Mice is a very dynamic, very liquid solution."

-J.D. Trout / System Administrator, LONI

Providing reliable power and gas solutions to 30 million people is a huge responsibility. E.ON takes that responsibility and the technology that helps meet it seriously.

With the Men & Mice Suite, the International Monetary Fund can be confident in the stability and security of their DNS, DHCP and IP address management.

"We have a very large environment with many, many users. Our central database within Men & Mice is growing every day, and the solution runs without hiccups."

-Rainer Wichtrey / System Engineer with E.ON

Keywords: Ip Management, mice,

Other products and services from Men & Mice


IP Address Management Solution | IPAM Solution

Integration capabilities provide means to integrate IP related data with other information systems, such as reporting systems, asset management systems, network monitoring systems, etc. The IP Address Management Module is tightly integrated with the DNS Management Module and the DHCP Management Module, and is generally deployed in conjunction with them.


DNS, IPAM and DHCP Management solution

The Men & Mice approach to the problems of IP address management is not to throw away an organization’s investment in existing infrastructure or to make radical changes to the organization’s network unless it is needed. Unified global overview of the IP infrastructure allows administrators to manage hundreds of servers, thousands of DNS zones and DHCP scopes, and millions of IP addresses in a secure manner.


DNS Management | DNS Solution | DNS Software

Zone transfers on Windows servers It is now possible to have the system automatically configure zone transfer settings on Windows DNS servers when creating dynamic zones or changing zones from static to dynamic. Automatic updates It is now possible to configure the system so that the server controllers and the Management Console are automatically updated when a new version of Men & Mice Central is installed.


DNS Analyzing and Monitoring application

It watches over the DNS/AD configuration 24-hours a day and sends alerts every time a problem occurs, enabling proactive problem resolution and fast troubleshooting. This unique module consists of a stand-alone tool that provide by far the most comprehensive DNS analyzing and AD monitoring capabilities available on the market.


DHCP Management |DHCP solution | DHCP Software

It is fully integrated with the Men & Mice Suite's DNS and IP address management modules, enabling the operation of DNS, DHCP and IP address configuration as a managed unified whole. Failover support for ISC DHCP servers Using the Men & Mice Suite, it is now possible to create and manage failover configurations for the ISC DHCP server.