DNS, IPAM and DHCP Management solution

By: Men & Mice  09-12-2011
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Efficient and secure IP address management

The Men & Mice Suite is a management software solution built to meet the challenges of DNS, DHCP and IP address management in large computer networks.

The Men & Mice approach to the problems of IP address management is not to throw away an organization’s investment in existing infrastructure or to make radical changes to the organization’s network unless it is needed. Rather, the Men & Mice Suite complements the existing server investment by providing a non-intrusive and sophisticated management layer on top of them.

The Men & Mice Suite Overview

Men & Mice Suite value, features, and benefits

Unified global overview of the IP infrastructure allows administrators to manage hundreds of servers, thousands of DNS zones and DHCP scopes, and millions of IP addresses in a secure manner.

Men & Mice Suite value:

  • Eliminating duplicate efforts in IP administration
  • Decreased network downtime
  • Reduced lead time in network changes and reduced support significantly increases administration efficiency
  • Regulatory compliance is secured through logging of all activities in real time.

Optimized for large corporate networks, the Men & Mice Suite provides unique value in managing multiple DNS and DHCP servers.

The Men & Mice Suite works for heterogeneous environments and supports Microsoft and Unix environments or a mixture thereof as well as Cisco Router DHCP servers. The Men & Mice Suite provides administrators with tools for daily management, automating common processes, planning, reporting and auditing.

 Men & Mice Suite Benefits:

  • Better manageability of IP infrastructure through a unified global overview
  • Improved security
  • Decrease in network down time and reduced time spent in problem solving
  • Increased efficiency through elimination of duplicate efforts in IP administration
  • Reduced lead time in network changes
  • Reduced helpdesk support
  • Regulatory compliance through logging of all activities in real time
  • Non-intrusive, low risk and low cost deployment

 Men & Mice Suite Features:

  • Non-intrusive, easy deployment
  • Global IP address, DNS and DHCP configuration overview.
  • Intuitive user interface, highly adaptable through custom fields
  • Role-based users access control
  • Mass updates across servers
  • Automation of routine tasks
  • Powerful reporting capabilities
  • Advanced scheduling to run scripts and backups
  • Complete audit trail showing all changes and user activity
  • Input validation and error checking
  • Full support of Active Directory integrated zones
  • Integration with Microsoft AD Sites and Services
  • Tracking of DHCP lease history
  • Easy to use DHCP split-scope configuration tools and scope migration wizard for Microsoft environment
  • Support for Dynamic DNS (DDNS)
  • Advanced search and update functionality through Quick filters
  • IP discovery
  • Support for IPv6 on network level
  • Support for DNSSEC zones and integration with Secure64 DNSSEC signer
  • Microsoft single sign-on
  • Ping before assignment
  • Support for Cisco DHCP servers using SSH
  • Failover support for ISC DHCP servers
  • Full Integration between DNS, DHCP and IP Address Management
  • Customizable web browser interface designed for departmental operators
  • Integration options for external systems through SOAP interface
  • Highly scalable solution ready to run in virtual environment
  • Works fully in hybrid server infrastructures (mixed MS and Unix environments)

Men & Mice Suite Management Modules

The modules build on the Men & Mice Suite framework, and are designed to work with the existing servers and technologies, providing administrators with unified, secure and sophisticated interfaces to multiple servers.

Each module can be licensed independently of the others, but the real value of the Men & Mice Suite is realized as a powerful, integrated solution for DNS, DHCP and IP Address Management. Working together, the modules provide a unique management solution that enables organizations to keep track of their IP address space, individual hosts on the network, and their associations in DNS and DHCP.

Release of the Men & Mice Suite version 6.3

Version 6.3 of the Men & Mice Suite contains various new features and usability enhancements, making the system more powerful and easier to use.

This new release continues to show commitment in providing high quality enterprise IP address management solutions for organizations running Microsoft and/or Unix/Linux based networks, or a mixture thereof.

Usability, new web UI and enterprise readiness

The focus of the new version is on usability, new web UI and improved enterprise readiness.

The new release contains a new web interface. Usability in the web UI has been improved significantly and various new features are available from within the new web UI. Enterprise readiness has been further improved. Through automatic updates it is possible to configure the system so that the server controllers and the Management Console are automatically updated when a new version of Men & Mice Central is installed.

New features in version 6.3:

 Agent-free DNS management

MS DNS servers can now be managed without having to install an agent on the server. This can greatly simplify installation and management of the system in environments with multiple MS DNS servers.

 Support for distinction between dynamic and static DNS records on MS DNS servers

Dynamic DNS records on MS DNS servers are now shown with the record creation timestamp. It is possible to search or filter by the record timestamp making DNS record management a simple task.

Improved super-scope management on Windows DHCP servers

Super-scope management on MS DHCP servers has been improved significantly. Seeing all scopes within a certain super-scope is a simple task and users can query for scopes within a super scope.

Improved DHCP scope migration tools

Scope migration can now be performed even if the server containing the original scope instance is not working. Various new options have been added to the scope migration wizard.

Support for different access control settings within scopes

Administrators can now use control access to parts of scopes, for example if they want to allow certain users to only be able to manage reservations in a part of a scope.

Cleanup of concurrent leases.

Version 6.2 of the Men & Mice Suite can find and release multiple concurrent DHCP leases for the same MAC address.

Improved support for very large environments with hundreds of DNS and DHCP servers

Various optimizations have been performed to ensure high performance in very large environments.

Support for DHCID record type

Support has been added for the DHCID DNS resource record type.

Expanded SOAP interface

The SOAP interface contains a number of new commands and some commands have been enhanced.

Improved support for CISCO DHCP Servers

Support for CISCO IOS 14 has been added and performance and stability improved.

Improved Oracle database support

Support and performance for the Oracle database has been improved.

Reporting of external DNS changes

Changes to static zones that are performed outside the systems are now logged in the system log.

Improved checks when creating new records

The systems can be configured to check for existence of records with the same name as records the user is trying to add and warn the user if he tries to create such records.

Convert ranges to scopes

IP Address Ranges (subnets) can be converted to DHCP scopes.

Improved search for DHCP scope options

The Scope Options report can now search for an array of options. The search and update wizard can find, update and delete arrays of options

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