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By: Men & Mice  09-12-2011
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A feature rich management interface on top of existing DHCP servers

It is fully integrated with the Men & Mice Suite's DNS and IP address management modules, enabling the operation of DNS, DHCP and IP address configuration as a managed unified whole.

The Men & Mice DHCP Management module is one of four application modules which comprise the Men & Mice Suite.

The Men & Mice Suite Overview

The other three modules are:

DHCP Management Module Benefits, Features and Screenshots

DHCP Management module provides a powerful, feature rich management console which interacts, via a central server, with existing DHCP servers. This natural approach allows for great flexibility in defining user access rights and makes it easy to deal with the management problems commonly associated with complex enterprise DHCP infrastructures.

DHCP Management Benefits;

  • SSH support for Cisco DHCP servers
  • Support for the ISC v4 DHCP server
  • Failover support for ISC DHCP servers
  • Scope Migration

DHCP Management Module Features;

  • Improved DHCP error checking Several DHCP error checks have been added.

  • Cleanup of concurrent leases Version 6.3 of the Men & Mice Suite can find and release multiple concurrent DHCP leases for the same MAC address.

  • Scope Monitoring. The Scope Monitoring feature allows users to specify a minimum number of free addresses in DHCP pools have the system generate an alert when the number of free adresses goes below the specified number.

  • Improved display for ranges and scopes. The list view for ranges and scopes now contains information on whether host discovery is enabled.

  • Automatic updates It is now possible to configure the system so that the server controllers and the Management Console are automatically updated when a new version of Men & Mice Central is installed.

  •  Web Interface The web interface has been rewritten from ground up. Usability has been improved significantly and various new features are available from within the Web UI.

  • MS SQL Server support. The Men & Mice Suite now supports the MS SQL Server as a database engine for the system.

  • SSH support for Cisco DHCP servers Cisco DHCP server can now be managed through SSH connections, making the server management both secure and efficient.

  • Support for the ISC v4 DHCP server The Men & Mice Suite now supports both versions 3.x and 4.0 of the ISC DHCP server.

  • Failover support for ISC DHCP servers Using the Men & Mice Suite, it is now possible to create and manage failover configurations for the ISC DHCP server.

  • Scope Migration The Scope Migration Wizard provides MS DHCP users with a simple and safe method to move scopes between DHCP servers.

  • Non-intrusive, easy deployment. No migration or redesign required. Works with the existing DHCP servers and data. Simple installation and setup. No investment in hardware and deployment in a matter of minutes

  • Role-based access control. Administrators can create user profiles and grant individual users different access privileges on server, scope and IP address level.

  • Full integration with Microsoft Active Directory.

  • Global overview. The DHCP module provides an instant access to all of the connected DHCP servers. Servers and scopes can be sorted and filtered. The global listing of scopes makes it possible to select multiple scopes on various servers and update certain scope options across all servers in one operation.

  • Mass updates. The Search & Update process can be used to make multiple updates across servers and scopes in one operation.

  • Intuitive user interface. The user interface is designed to automate and ease DHCP management. It supports all common DHCP management tasks, such as: Configuration of server and scope options, managing scope lists and updating scopes.

  • State of the art mission-based web interface. Junior administrators and helpdesk personnel receive a "fool-proof" one page, web browser interface, customized for mission (task) at hand (e.g. releasing DHCP lease)

  • Complete audit trail. Change history for any object as well as user activity is tracked.

  • Powerful reporting tool. Using the DHCP Management console’s reporting capabilities it is easy to get a good overview of scope utilizations.

  • Seamless support for split-scope configurations on Microsoft DHCP servers. Administrators can easily create and manage split-scope configurations. The DHCP Management module provides a rich set of tools, such as detailed graphical representations of split-scope configurations and powerful reporting. Using the DHCP Management module it easy for administrators to guarantee identical reservations.

  • Integration with DNS Management. Enabling the Men & Mice DNS Management module further results in added benefits. Administrators can easily view device associations, both in DNS and DHCP. Changing information in DHCP view (e.g. IP address) will automatically change the corresponding information in DNS, and vice versa.

  • Scheduling. Scripts can be run at any predetermined time to perform routine tasks and backup.

  • SOAP interface. The SOAP interface enables access to and from external applications or scripts using industry standard protocols.

  • Integration with IP Address Management. When the Men & Mice IP Address Management module is enabled, the creation, deletion and configuration of DHCP scopes is automatically synchronized with other IP address related data.

  • Microsoft, ISC and Cisco DHCP support Support for hybrid environment with Microsoft, ISC and Cisco DHCP servers, all managed through single unified interface.

  • DHCP lease history. History of who had which DHCP IP address at any time can be viewed from the DHCP module for both Microsoft and ISC DHCP servers.

  • Split-scope configuration The DHCP module provides a unique tool for working with split-scope configurations. It is easy to see which scopes make up a split scope configuration. Adding, deleting or modifying a DHCP reservation in a split scope will automatically replicate to any number of physical DHCP servers within the same split-scope, ensuring that DHCP reservations will remain identical. A powerful graphical overview of DHCP scopes makes for a quick snapshot view of health and statistics.

DHCP Management Screenshots;

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