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By: Memory Lane Motors  09-12-2011
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We are proud to be your local supplier for some of the most well-known and respected restoration and maintenance products on the market today.

Bill Hirsch:

Engine Enamel:

With 32 years on the market Bill Hirsch Engine Enamel is the premier enamel available today. This enamel is rated for 600 degrees Fahrenheit, twice the temperature rating of other similar products. This product is available in many colours and your choice of aerosol or brush-on formats

Miracle rust remover and metal preperation solution:

A versatile solution, this product is designed to remove rust and etch any non-ferrous metals in preparation for painting. Not only will the solution remove rust but it also acts to inhibit the formation of rust after application as well as improving the welding conductivity of your metal. Etching your metal with this product before painting will provide a far superior surface on your metal. A true utility product the solution can even be used to clean and restore the finish of your automotive tools.

Miracle paint:

This innovative paint will stop the spread of rust permanently when applied correctly. This simple to use product requires no removal of rust from the affected area prior to application. Once the product has dried it provides a durable surface against cracking or scratches from sharp objects. This product is resistant to most known acids and solvents. Bill Hirsch Miracle paint is available in black, silver or clear and 20 oz aerosol or either 1 quart or 1 gallon brush-on cans.

Gas tank sealer:

This alcohol resistant sealer can be used to seal everything from pin-hole leaks to full seam cracks. We are confident that after trying this resilient product, it will become your first choice to ensure that we achieve a quality and lasting seal when repairing your gas tank, This product is also aircraft approved. Depending on the condition of your gas tank this product often times saves you from having to invest in a costly replacement.

Undercarriage paint:

This undercarriage paint will ensure the most durable semi-gloss finish for the restoration of your vehicle's undercarriage. Extensive research and testing has indicated that an undercarriage, hood, or frame coated with this durable product will withstand a 550 hour salt-spray test with no sign of deterioration. This is far beyond what any vehicle will be subjected to in its working life.

Hot Rod Air:

Hot Rod Air specializes in providing top-quality air conditioning systems and component parts. We are proud to stock their under-dash air kits and complete heat/air and defrost kits. These useful kits will allow air conditioning to be retro-fitted to virtually any classic vehicle. Hot Rod Air specifically offers under-dash kits for the 1964 to 1966 Mustang models. Even if your vehicle isn't covered by the standard kits we can accommodate you. With a simple substitution we are able to offer these kits to fit any make or model of vehicle.

Krown Rust-proofing:

Krown rust protection is the last word in rust proofing products. This specially formulated chemical application is designed to penetrate all seams, weld-spots, and crevices to ensure complete coverage. Once applied Krown will form a moisture resistant barrier while drawing out any existing dampness. Already dealing with rust on your older vehicle? While krwn cannot reverse the damage it can significantly slow it's progress and prevent further corrosion from forming. Having been designed to compliment repair work Krown doesn't interfere with paint and can be applied as soon as the vehicle is ready for normal use. Spring is the most critical time for application as it will minimize any damage that may exist after a winter of exposure to road salt. For an appointment or any additional informaiton please call our office.

Coker Tires:

As your local dealer for Coker tires we can outfit your vehicle with any of their long lasting premium products. Coker offers various models and sizes to fit any vehicle. For additional information please contact us.

Haneline Gauges:

We carry the whole line of custom gauges and gauge panels. With over 2000 patterns available we are sure to find something suited to your vehicle. Please contact us for pricing or to book an appointment.

Keywords: Metals, Paint, rust, vehicle

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