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By: Memar Consultants  09-12-2011

Using the latest cutting edge technology, Memar offers some of the most accurate exterior Sun-Shadow Study and Interior Day Light calculations available in the industry.

We help architects and interior designers to create sustainable design and green architecture. We help them in determining how far natural light penetrates inside the building during the winter or summer and how their design reacts to the surrounding environment.

We help developers to submit their design to building and city officials and to explain how their new design will impact the neighbourhood.

Call us today and let us help you create the most accurate Sun-Shadow calculation, so you can spend more time designing.

Exterior Sun-Shadow Study.

Interior Day Light Calculation.

Natural Light Penetration.

Calculating Sun Angle.

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Real estate companies, developers, construction consultants, architects, engineers, interior designers, and property and facility management companies all need this service at different levels of their work to provide a professional and accurate report on existing conditions of any given building.


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Our in-office rendering team provides world class services in 3D renderings, diagrams, plans, multimedia presentations, and printing with outstanding capabilities that enable clients to stand out among their competitors. The purpose of conceptual rendering is to bring the main idea of a project to life with minimum information at hand, and to increase the likelihood of architects and designers winning the project.


BOMA Standards | BOMA Building Measurements | Building Measurement services | BOMA Calculations

Although phrases such as "rentable area", "tenant area", "leaseable area", "usable area" and "gross building area" might seem easily comprehensible and interchangeable, each phrase has, in fact, a different meaning and implies different area measurement standards.


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This exclusive service will eliminate the time required to prepare the paper drawings or convert images to a vector based file and allows for more time to be devoted to design and marketing. This service is supported by our exclusive Pick-Up/Drop-Off option, making it easier and more accurate than ever. Using the most advanced techniques and software around the world, we are able to convert almost any format.


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Memar’s strong combination of building science packaged with Measuring and Area analysis services is a key component of the company’s ability to provide additional value to clients and their projects. Memar offers a wide variety of services in As-Built Measuring, Permit Drawing, Architectural Rendering, and Real-Estate Area analysis (BOMA-IFMA-SIOR).