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By: Meltsnow  09-12-2011
Keywords: Ice, Calcium Chloride, Rock Salt’s ClearPath crystals combine two proven ice-melting compounds into a single crystal; sodium chloride and calcium chloride. Sodium chloride works at peak about 25°F (-4°C). It reduces the freezing point of water, thereby melting the ice. However, sodium chloride needs heat and moisture to work — both of which are in short supply in cold, dry winter days. In addition, even as it starts to melt ice, sodium chloride absorbs heat. Conversely, calcium chloride attracts moisture and produces a brine as it melts, releasing heat in the process and reducing the freezing point of water to below -50°F (-45°C). Aside from its effectiveness as an ice-melter, calcium chloride stays on the surface to prevent refreezing.  Using the lessons learned from pre-wetting salt, the combination of high performance calcium chloride with inexpensive sodium chloride combined in a single crystal gives us the best of both worlds; economy and performance.

The difference is crystal clear

What differentiates’s ClearPath crystals from other products is its unique single crystal form. Together, sodium chloride and calcium chloride melt ice more efficiently and cost-effectively than either compound alone. ClearPath crystals reprocesses the sodium chloride and calcium chloride through a proprietary fusion and agglomeration process ensuring each individual crystal of our ClearPath contains the same amount of each performance ice melting component.   Dry blended deicers simply mix rock salt and small portions of other materials.  This means that the salt crystals and other ingredients work independently and not synergistically which is the backbone of performance.  We proudly certify our composition as 20% calcium chloride and 80% sodium chloride in our ClearPath Professional grade, or 10% calcium chloride and 90% sodium chloride in our ClearPath Premium grade.  Few other products even list their components and deliberately mislead the consumer with deceptively vague labeling if they even list the actual ingredients by weight percent at all. The power of our single crystal fused process provides powerful results, melting ice to -15°F.   By crushing the two components into a powder and reconstituting them into a single crystal, each individual crystal of our ClearPath benefits from the fused mixture making it exceedingly effective when compared to dry blends.
If you want a clear path at an economical price, try ClearPath Ice Melting Crystals from!

See the’s ClearPath Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for more details.

Choose the best product for your application:

ClearPath Professional

For especially demanding environments and the harshest winter conditions. An engineered di-crystal comprised of 20% CaCl2 and 80% NaCl.

ClearPath Premium

For everyday use if you have zero tolerance for ice posing a safety hazard outside your home or business. An engineered di-crystal comprised of 90% NaCl and 10% CaCl2.

Keywords: Calcium Chloride, Ice, Rock Salt, Sodium Chloride

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